Saturday, July 22, 2017

Colonel Sanders Free Comic Book Saga Continues

DC Entertainment is continuing its Kentucky Fried Chicken promotional partnership with the release of a third installment in the Colonel Sanders comic book saga at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International.  KFC first partnered with DC in 2015 with KFC #1 THE COLONEL OF TWO WORLDS and followed that up with KFC #2 COLONEL CORP in 2016.  From July 19 - 23, 2017, attendees at Comic-Con can pick up a FREE 20 page print edition of KFC #3 ACROSS THE UNIVERSE at DC's exhibition booth (#1915).  Can't make it to San Diego?  The comic book is also available for FREE on DC Entertainment's online comic book store powered by Comixology.  In fact while you can also download digital editions of the first and second issues of Colonel Sanders' comic book adventures for FREE as well with a Comixology account.

In KFC #3 ACROSS THE UNIVERSE the Colonel goes cosmic in a star-spanning quest to bring crunchy, spicy satisfaction to a hungry universe, only to face a “thieving varmint” who steals his space-bound Zinger chicken sandwiches. Who else but DC’s Green Lantern can help the Colonel scan the universe to catch the thief?! Of course the Colonel won't sit back and let someone else come to the rescue and joins the Green Lantern Corps himself!

These comic books are great because they aren't taken more seriously than the promotional pieces they are meant to be and KFC doesn't hold back on spoofing itself. Filled with goofy scenarios, tongue-in-cheek one liners and humorous imagery, these comic books are finger licking good fun to read.  The partnership with the DC Entertainment's creative team provides the polish needed though to make the comic book an enjoyable gimmick rather than en eye rolling bad KFC ad. KFC #3 ACROSS THE UNIVERSE was written by Tony Bedard with the assistance of penciler Tom Derenick, inkers Trevor Scott and Sean Parsons, and cover art contributed by Tom Grummett and Trevor Scott.  I really liked the big battle scene where the Colonel goes KFC on the bad guy!

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