Monday, July 24, 2017


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Collectable mini-figures that come in mystery packs are all the rage with kids right now.  My daughter had some fun opening up a selection of Tech 4 Kids' Mash 'Ems and Fash 'Ems that we got from Wal-mart.  Tech 4 Kids has licensed a variety of brands ranging from Batman to My Little Pony and created super squishy figurines that range in difficulty of finding from common to ultra rare to obtain.  They come enclosed in hard plastic boxes so kids can't cheat and feel through the packaging to guess what may be inside.  That adds to the excitement of opening them though as children really are blind about what they are going to get out of a pack beyond knowing what the theme of the toy will be such as Cars or Monster High.

Mash 'Ems are the brands that Tech 4 Kids has licensed that tend to be more action oriented such as Batman, Cars and Super Pups while Fash 'Ems are more fashion orientated with brands like Littlest Pet Shop, Monster High and My Little Pony.  While both lines contain figures that will interest boys and girls, essentially the Mash 'Ems are more geared at a male audience and the Fash 'Ems are targeted to the ladies.  That being said, the favorite figure my daughter pulled from her mystery packs was Cat Woman from the Mash 'Ems Batman collection.

Mash 'Ems and Fash 'Ems can be squished like a stress ball, stretched to contort the figure's appearance and twisted into a variety of shapes.  Pull, tug and bend them all about and these figures will retake their original shape and size after they've been wrestled with. Some really humorous results can occur that will really delight children as they try to create the goofiest looks they can. 

Whether you are looking for something to entertain your kids during a long road trip car ride or to keep them occupied while taking them along doing family errands, Mash 'Ems and Fash 'Ems are the perfect size to be carried around on the go.  They also make nice playthings to enjoy outside or to be played with on a rainy day inside.  Kids can have a lot of summer fun with Tech 4 Kids' Mash 'Ems and Fash 'Ems!  

So you won't want to miss out on a special deal from Wal-Mart!  From now through the end of August, select single figure Mash 'Ems and Fash 'Ems mystery packs at Wal-Mart locations across the country will be discounted to $2.88 each which is a great price for them.  What Mash 'Ems / Fash 'Ems adventures will your family be having this summer?

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