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swimming lessons

My daughter has been excited this summer that we've been able to spend some time at some of Michigan's great beaches putting her swimming lessons from Goldfish Swim School to use.  The state's lakes may be a bit cold and the water is murkier than you'll find when visiting an ocean location, but on the positive side they're filled with fresh water and you don't need to be worried about bumping into a shark during a swim.  That being said the water can still be dangerous if you don't treat it with caution and respect.  Goldfish Swim School has provided my kids with the necessary skills to be confident swimmers who know what they need to do to be safe in the water.  This lets them have more freedom and fun at the lake or in a pool; and while I still keep a watchful eye over them it makes me a lot less nervous about something bad happening when they are in the water.

In addition to teaching a mastery of a variety of swimming strokes, Goldfish Swim School's lessons also include aspects that help kids develop an increased comfort level in the water and essential safety skills.  Before we attended Goldfish Swim School, my kids really hated putting their heads under the water.  Now they love swimming underwater and really have demonstrated some incredible breath control being able to stay submerged longer than I actually can based upon the diving ring drill incorporated into their swim classes.  They LOVE diving to find toys, rocks or shells underwater whenever they can!  Plus whether it is for leisure or an emergency occurs they know how to handle themselves underwater now.

Beyond learning swimming strokes being able to tread water for an extended period of time is a skill that is reinforced at Goldfish Swim School.  So if children find themselves in water where they can't touch instead of panicking they have the ability to tread water and think about their options.  Maybe it is staying in place waiting for help or it could be swimming to a safer spot.  Avoiding panic and making intelligent decisions is one of the best ways to stay safe when trouble in the water arises.

Get dragged away from the shore by a current or have to evacuate a boat that is too far to swim to safety?  Goldfish Swim School makes sure kids are able to flip from various positions onto their back to do the dead man's float.  This is one of the most important water survival skills to have because it allows people to stay safely afloat preserving energy and oxygen when they may not have the stamina or swimming skills to handle the circumstances.  It is also an invaluable technique for kids with limited swimming experience who may find themselves in a deep pool.

For beginning swimmers, Goldfish Swim School also works on making sure little ones know how to get in and out of a pool.  They have a drill Jump, Turn, Swim to the Wall where kids learn what to do when they become immersed in water to safely get out and work on it repeatedly to make sure they have the routine down.  The kids are also taught the Fin, Fin, Belly, Flipper (Elbow, Elbow, Tummy, Knee) which shows them how to get out of a pool by manipulating their bodies.

Yes we aren't going to have to avoid sharks in Michigan, but there are still dangers to be aware of such as cramps, currents, drop offs and reckless behavior.  Goldfish Swim School provides kids with practical guidance on how to handle these type of situations.  Plus thanks to their lessons my kids are really good swimmers now too! So while you aren't likely to see a shark in the Great Lakes State there is a very good chance you'll come across a ... Goldfish.

swimming lessons
Goldfish Swim School has nine locations in Michigan and also has franchises in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada.  Classes range from parent-tot sessions to swimming lessons for kids up to 12 years old.  For more information, visit

swimming lessons

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