Friday, September 29, 2017

Family Fun Game Night

We had a lot of fun spending some quality family time together enjoying a game night on our back patio.  For our most recent Family Fun Game Night we played BOOM BLAST STIX, CROZZIT and JENGA GIANT.  It was the first time my kids had played all of these games and they had a great time playing all of them.  Absolutely keep these three games in mind the next time your family is looking for something fun to do together.

My kids had a blast with Moose Toys' BOOM BLAST STIX so I'm glad to recommend it as a nice addition to a family's game night activities. Each player is provided an equal number of stix which each must be locked into the form of a triangle. One at a time players add one of their stixs to the pile. Round and round the turns go as the stix begin to stack up on the playing surface which also doubles as the game's storage container.  Be careful as you place your stix on the stack because a wrong move could make the whole pile go BOOM!  There was a lot of taunting going on about who was going to cause the stack to explode which really contributed to the fun of playing the game.  When someone causes all the stix to fly up in the air there is a wow factor that really gets people enthused about wanting to play.

CROZZIT at first glance seems to be very simplistic and its rules are very easy to grasp; but once you start playing it can result in some very competitive and challenging matches.  Can you create a path all the way across the game board without being blocked by your opponent?  Easier said then done in CROZZIT but that is what makes this game so much fun.

This is a game that will delight young and old alike.  Great for multi-generational bonding time!  Affordable and easy to set up I highly recommend CROZZIT for a family game night.  It became one of my family's favorite games the first night we played it.

JENGA GIANT is great for playing outdoors because of the game's large scale.   It is the largest authentic hardwood JENGA game you can get.  JENGA GIANT really stands out from the classic table top variety of the game with its tower starting off at over 2 feet high and players are able to stack it to over 5 feet high.  Each of the hardwood blocks in JENGA GIANT is over 14 times the volume of those in the classic edition of the game.  And when a JENGA GIANT tower comes crumbling down it is quite a crash!

My kids were in awe of this game. They really had a great time playing together to get the tower built up as high as they could.  A game that gets my often bickering twins to work together as a team while having a good time absolutely earns A Geek Daddy nod of approval.

What I really liked about all three of these games was they were great to take outside and play.  Turn off the television and video games for a fun time outdoors instead playing BOOM BLAST STIX, CROZZIT or JENGA GIANT.  They're perfect for enjoying in your backyard or taking along to a picnic at the park or a barbeque at a relative's house.  We really enjoyed playing them during our Family Fun Game Night and I'm sure you will too.

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