Sunday, September 10, 2017


If you have a backyard deck or patio that your family enjoys spending time on, you'll absolutely want to check out the new JENGA GIANT game.  It is the largest authentic hardwood JENGA game you can buy.  My kids enjoy playing it so much they ask all the time for me to get the game out for the family to play together.  A game that gets kids wanting to turn off the television set and video games to go outside playing and spending some quality family time together.  Oh yeah! JENGA GIANT gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval!

The game starts as a tower is constructed from 54 precision-crafted hardwood blocks.  The tower is made up of levels consisting of three blocks placed next to each other along their sides.  Each level the direction of the blocks is at a right angle to the previous one creating an interlocking grid rising from the ground.  Once the tower is completed, players begin removing one block from any level of the tower and placing it on the topmost level.  Players continue moving blocks from the lower levels to construct new upper levels.  The player who ultimately pulls a block that causes the tower to crumble is the loser.  The goal is to get the tower as high as possible with everyone winning the higher it goes.

JENGA GIANT really stands out from the classic table top variety of the game with its tower starting off at over 2 feet high and players are able to stack it to over 5 feet high.  Each of the hardwood blocks in JENGA GIANT is over 14 times the volume of those in the classic edition of the game.  And when a JENGA GIANT tower comes crumbling down it is quite a crash!

It was remarkable to see my normally bickering twins working together to raise the tower.  The larger blocks seemed to make it easier for them to pull out and place the blocks compared to the normal sized one.  While they were playing JENGA GIANT they seemed much more focuses on the strategy of their placements rather than the physicality of moving the blocks.  There weren't as many accidental knockdowns as we normally have when playing the classic version.

In some of their games the twins have taunted each other competing to be the one who didn't knock over the tower, but for the most part when playing JENGA GIANT they have worked together trying to build up as high as they can go go.  They've been able to expand the tower by ten levels so far.  How high do you think you can go?!

JENGA GIANT comes with a durable carrying case to carry the wood blocks around in which is important because together they weigh more than 26 pounds.  As you play the quality and GIANT-size of this game's blocks really stand out making for an enhanced JENGA experience.  This is the largest authentic JENGA GIANT hardwood game ever sold.  One you play it you're sure to have a good time!

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