Sunday, November 19, 2017


I'd been hearing good things about Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Founders Brewing Co. BACKWOODS BASTARD seasonally distributed beer so decided to give it a try when it arrived this fall.  Available for a limited time in autumn, BACKWOODS BASTARD whose annual batches are aged underground in oak barrels that had previously held bourbon, this dark Scotch ale has received a perfect 100 percent rating on  It made for a great drink to sip while kicking back my feet and taking in a Sunday afternoon of NFL football on television.

Traces of oak and bourbon absorbed into the beer while aging in wooden barrels combine with caramel and roasted malt ingredients providing for a rich flavor and its 11.2% alcohol by volume (ABV) provides a nice kick.  Hints of toffee, raisins, and vanilla add the mix of flavors providing an extra treat for the pallet.  This is a nice selection to warm up your belly on a cold day while spending some time relaxing.

BACKWOODS BASTARD pours a thick dark base with a nice two-finger deep foam froth to cap it off.  I drank mine from a frosted mug as my preference is for cold brews but ideally it is recommended by real beer enthusiasts to drink Scotch ales from a thistle glass instead at a little warmer temperature than an ice cold lager.  So while you don't want a warm Scotch ale serving it ice cold isn't preferable either.  Cellar temperature (55 degrees) is considered optimal for complex flavored and high alcohol beers which BACKWOODS BASTARD meets both criteria.  Check out this guide from on the optimal serving temperatures for various types of beers.  Even though I may have drunk my beer a bit colder than preferable it was still enjoyed the beer very much.

I'll be enjoying BACKWOODS BASTARD while watching games throughout the rest of the football season.  Plus I'm going to hold back a bottle or two storing them in my basement for awhile.  I've been told that allowing the beer to continue to age will further enhance and bring out the various flavorings in it.  I'll pull out a bottle this summer and see how it compares.

If you want a beer that is out of the ordinary pick yourself up some BACKWOODS BASTARD while supplies last.  You can find a bar/restaurant that has it on tap or a liquor store which has bottles for sale by visiting  If you want to taste this beer don't hesitate as when supplies are gone it will be unavailable until next fall's seasonal release.

BACKWOODS BASTARD gets A Geek Daddy nod of approval for being a tasty combination of bourbon and beer with oaky caramel flavoring.  Its limited availability and unique barrel aging qualities make this a great selection for a holiday after dinner drink or a football tailgating treat.  For more information about BACKWOODS BASTARD and the other beers produced by Founders Brewing Co. head over to

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