Sunday, November 5, 2017


Know a 9 to 12 year old kid who is a football fan? Here is a great Middle Grade book that he or she is sure to enjoy:  BACK TO PASS.  This kids' football book is written in the popular "choose your path" format, in which the reader is cast as the main character and has a say in how events in the story unfold.

Every few pages, the reader comes across a tough predicament and must choose what to do next.  Making wrong choices can result in the character being injured with a broken bone or getting kicked off the team which brings the story to an early conclusion.  Making right choices keeps the story going to its climatic ending plus earn the reader special bonus points for either confidence, skill, speed or teamwork.

The story's point system differentiates it from other "choose your path" books.  If a reader earns enough points, they upgrade the main character's skills enough to win the big game at the story's end.  Choices that impact achieving enough points to win the game aren't all about football either. 

BACK TO PASS incorporates real world drama wrapped around a high school football season.  Off the field decisions made determine things such as whether or not the character will be homeless living on the street or academically eligible to play on the team.  The book provides children with some important messages about how family, education and teamwork are important for athletic success in addition to being an entertaining read.

My son has really enjoyed reading BACK TO PASS. So a book that gets him excited about reading gets a nod of approval from me.  This choose your path football back written by Lisa M. Bolt Simons is available at Barnes & NoblesTarget, and other book and gift stores.

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