Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Crack open a "fur"-endly surprise with EGG BABIES from Wicked Cool Toys!  Inside each brightly colored Styrofoam egg is a vibrantly colored, ultra-soft plush animal to discover.  There are six different possibilities but you won't know which one is inside an egg until cracking it open.

Dig your fingers into the shell and rip it apart to pull out a furry friend.  Or for a less messy option the middle of the egg can be twisted and pulled apart.  That way is not as much fun though as cracking the egg open yourself though.

These plush toys stand out for being really soft for kids to cuddle.  Plus they have unique coloring and quirky shapes that have them stand out.  My kids hatched Hamlet a purple piggy and Patches a teal and brown puppy.  These EGG BABIES are just the right size to make them perfect for cuddling on the couch while watching television or holding tight when going to sleep at bedtime.  I've noticed Hamlet and Patches wrapped up in my son and daughter's arms as they've been watching all the Christmas specials that are on TV this time of year.

Other EGG BABIES include a turtle named Turtellini, a fluffy pink bunny called Bubble Gum, a chick named Kiwi and a loveable kitty cat named Snowflake.  EGG BABIES are packaged so they are small enough to be a stocking stuffer or big enough to be a Hanukkah gift or a present left under a Christmas tree.  They'd also make wonderful additions to Easter baskets or nice birthday present ideas.  EGG BABIES are available to purchase from Amazon, Kmart and Toys R Us.

For more information about these and other fun items that are sure to delight kids, head over to wickedcooltoys.com

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