Monday, December 18, 2017

Merry Goldfishmas

** A Geek Daddy is a brand ambassador for Goldfish Swim School **

It may be cold and snowy outside but the water is always warm when kids jump in the indoor pool for swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School during the winter months.   My daughter looks forward all week to the day when her swim class arrives.  Not only has she been having lots of fun and getting some great exercise but her swimming skills have become quite remarkable under Goldfish Swim School's tutelage.

The swimming abilities of both my children have improved more in the last year than in four years previously spent taking lessons somewhere else.  I can honestly say that working with Goldfish Swim School as a brand ambassador has been a highlight of my blogging experience and one of the most valuable partnerships A Geek Daddy has been involved with.  My kids have not only become more athletically skilled when it comes to swimming through their lessons but have learned some valuable safety lessons too.  In fact, we attribute Goldfish Swim School for helping my son properly handle himself when he found himself over his head in a scary situation at a water park during a vacation last summer.  My daughter's continued advancement through various levels of swimming instruction over the year and mastery of a number of swim strokes has also made a noticeable difference in enhancing her self confidence both in the pool and at elementary school.

We went to the kids last swim class of the year before the facility closes for two weeks to complete seasonal maintenance and refurbishments with a thank you gift for the staff in recognition of the exceptional service and experiences we've had at Goldfish Swim School.  Christmas cookies that looked like Bubbles the Goldfish Swim School mascot!  My wife did the baking, the kids decorated the cookies, and I taste tested them for quality control before we wrapped them up and brought them with us to the kids swim lesson.  Merry Goldfishmas!

Our year at Goldfish Swim School wrapped up on a real high note with my daughter being told after her lesson that she has advanced enough to participate on the school's competitive swim team.  She has been talking about doing this all year long and was ecstatic about the news.  Being invited to join the Goldfish Swim Force Team made this holiday season especially wonderful for her this year!

Congrats to Amanda M. from Macomb Twp. Michigan who won two months of free swimming lessons for her daughter in A Geek Daddy's Goldfish Swim School Holiday Giveaway.  Interested in lessons for the kids in your life?  To look for a Goldfish Swim School location near you or to find more information about their programs, please visit

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