Sunday, December 17, 2017


My kids have been having a blast building and playing with the new Revell Star Wars: The Last Jedi models.  These SnapTite Build & Play Model Kits from Revell are great because they are kid-friendly for putting together and really fun to play with.  My eight year old twins were easily able to follow the instructions and build these impressive looking models without any assistance from dad.  What is really nice is no tools are needed when it comes to assembling them, nor are glue or paint required either, you just snap pieces into place.

While these Star Wars SnapTite models from Revell are assembled with interlocking pieces, they are very sturdy when completed and durable enough to play with as toys.  My son and daughter were racing around the house engaging in a pretend dogfight between Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter and a Resistance A-Wing Fighter.  Both models survived being waved all about in the air by the kids during their mock battle totally intact.  Adding to the kids fun of playing with them, each of The Last Jedi models provides light up and sound special effects (batteries included!).

My son and daughter put together three Star Wars: The Last Jedi Revell models:  First Order Heavy Assault AT-MG Walker, Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter, and a Resistance A-Wing Fighter.  All three of these were a big hit with the kids with their movie accurate details.  Here are a few highlights from each model:

Resistance A-Wing Fighter
  • Light up engines
  • Combat action sounds
  • Battle ready pilot figure
  • Retracting landing gear
  • Opening cockpit hatch
  • 25 parts to assemble
  • Laser gun sounds
  • Simulated flight sounds
  • Light up engine
  • Kylo Ren figure
  • 20 parts to assemble
  • Full-motion positionable head
  • Moveable and poseable legs and feet
  • Simulated stomping sound effects
  • Light up laser gun with shooting sound
  • 46 parts to assemble
Revell's Star Wars: The Last Jedi models have earned A GEEK DADDY nod of approval for being nice looking replicas of vehicles from the movie while also being durable enough for kids to have fun playing with.  The fact they are easy to put together but not fragile to handle is a real plus!  Not having to utilize tools or glues in constructing models that are really sharp to look at is a plus!  The light and sound effects are great enhancements that really make these models fantastic.  It really is great that batteries are included too. 

Recommended for ages *8+ these The Last Jedi models from Revell are a surefire way to thrill a Star Wars fan. CLICK HERE to find a retail store near you that carries Revell models or CLICK HERE to visit the company's online store.


  1. Those are crazy cool! My kids aren't uber geeks like I am, but I see no reason why these shouldn't go under the tree for me. ;)

  2. Oh I bet ALL kids would ADOREEEEEEEEEE these!!! Great holiday gifts. Star Wars is smart to release its movies right before the holidays, ha ha!

  3. My son is a huge star wars fan. he would love this!

  4. These look like AWESOME Star Wars toys for kids!! I know one of my nephews would LOVE these!! He's a little Star Wars obsessed! LOL!

  5. These look like perfect gifts for the Star Wars fans! I think it must be a fun project to put together. Great gift idea!

  6. Your children are so lucky to have parents like you! They get to enjoy all of the cool things that any child would love.

  7. These are the perfect gifts for Star Wars fans even for the grown ups! I love that you can build them on your own! How fun!

  8. I know a lot of kids that would LOVE these toys. We have a bunch of Star Wars fans on our holiday shopping list!

  9. Who doesn't like star wars! I think my hubby would actually enjoy this more then the kids! lol

  10. I bet my son would enjoy putting the Star Wars models together. I'm not sure he likes Star Wars yet, he is only 6.

  11. My boys are huge Star Wars fans. I have no doubt they would be all about these models.

  12. This is an awesome toy. I know that even my girls would get into it!

  13. Our kids aren't old enough for this quite yet. However, I can't wait until they can start playing with these!

  14. My son was just talking about these! He loves his Star Wars and all the new goodies are going to make me broke

  15. My husband is a huge fan of Star Wars, he will surely love this one for sure.

  16. My daughters would love these!! They are Star Wars freaks!!

  17. Oh how cool is this? Our whole family are big Star Wars fans and this would make a great family project.