Friday, December 15, 2017

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gaming Headset for PS4

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Looking for the perfect holiday gift for a gamer? You can't go wrong getting him or her a wireless STEALTH 700 PREMIUM SURROUND SOUND HEADSET from Turtle Beach at BEST BUY.  Did you know most movie and video game soundtracks are broadcast in surround sound but most of us don't have the expensive home theater equipment to properly listen? Combining these Turtle Beach wireless headsets with a PlayStation 4 entertainment system (PS4) allows people to immerse themselves in surround sound  experiencing games and movies the way they are meant to be heard in an affordable way.

I like to wind down after a long day playing a game of Call of Duty or Madden NFL on our family's PS4 after putting the kids to bed for the night.  The kids can hear me playing video games from their rooms and won't go to sleep unless I mute the sound or am wearing my Turtle Beach STEALTH 700 PREMIUM SURROUND SOUND  HEADSET.  This headset has really worked out great for me not only in being able to be stealthy about playing video games without waking my children up at night but by also providing a level of sound quality that is superior to what was otherwise being projected from the speakers on my television.

You'll find comparable fully loaded premium wireless surround sound gaming headsets for more than $200.00 so at $149.99 Turtle Beach's STEALTH 700 PREMIUM SURROUND SOUND HEADSETS are a good deal.  But it gets better! Until December 23, 2017 you can save an additional $30 off the purchase price on these wireless surround sound headsets that also include Active Noise Cancellation technology and a flip-up microphone for online chatting within multi-player games.

We don't have a home theater set up with surround sound ourselves. So, I've really been enjoying being able to use my Turtle Beach headset to experience watching movies and playing video games on my family's PS4 in surround sound. Turtle Beach's STEALTH 700 PREMIUM SURROUND SOUND HEADSETS have earned A Geek Daddy nod of approval because they are loaded with features that work incredibly well.

Here are a few of my favorite things about the headset:


The headset creates a soundstage around your head so that you hear sounds in front, behind and beside you.  You'll feel immersed within games, movies, and music as you are enveloped by sound.


The other day my neighbor was making a racket outside that could loudly be heard inside our house.  The active noise-cancellation feature on the headset let me drown out that noise.  Eliminate unwanted background distractions to allow you to be completely immersed in games, music and movies through your PS4.


I like to play video games online with family members and friends from across the country.  It is a nice way to have fun together when you can't be hanging out in the same place because everyone is spread out all over the country.  The microphone provides great clarity so no one will miss out on you mocking them and easily flip up when you want to mute a conversation.  Blue-tooth connectivity also allows you to pick up a phone call or stream music providing extra value for users of these headsets.


My son particularly likes how this headset has been designed to be comfortable for people wearing glasses.  Turtle Beach's exclusive ProSpecs feature removes pressure on glasses while being worn.  Thumbs up to the designers for keeping this aspect in mind!


When using the active noise-cancelling technology the headset's battery will last 10 hours before needing to be charged and can go longer than that if that feature isn't being utilized.  Powering up is easy though, just plug the headset into a PS4's USB port with the included cable for a quick recharge.


When playing video games you can enhance the volume on subtle sound effects to give you advance notice about an opponent.  From quiet footsteps to someone reloading their weapon, the Superhuman Hearing feature won't let you be caught off guard. I have to admit not being the best at video games so I'll take any advantage available!


For all the technology these headsets provide they are very lightweight plus their leather-wrapped ear cushions feel very comfortable against your head.  Wearing STEALTH 700 PREMIUM SURROUND SOUND HEADSETS from Turtle Beach aren't distracting but rather enhance your entertainment.  Being cord free while wearing this headset is really nice too when it comes to comfort as well.


The headset utilizes an included USB transmitter that provides a best-in-class wireless gaming experience for PS4 and PS4 Pro.  Add that to Bluetooth capabilities that allow for streaming music or making phone calls and you have great connectivity without being attached to any wires.

Whether picking up a Turtle Beach  STEALTH 700 PREMIUM SURROUND SOUND HEADSET for yourself or a holiday gift you won't want to miss out on the $30 off deal at Best Buy.  If buying one as a gift that 12/23/17 deadline is a good incentive to get your holiday shopping done sooner than later.  This combination of active noise-cancellation and surround sound from a reliable brand like Turtle Beach really make these headsets a best buy you won't be disappointed in and are sure to enjoy.  For more information or to buy a headset head over to or a Best Buy store near you.

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