Thursday, January 11, 2018


Look! Is it a bird? a plane? No it is ... Pooperman!!!  Pooperman joins other characters like Beary Stinky, Old Fart, Poo-dle, Poo-F-O, and Turdle in the new POOPEEZ collection of squishy toy collectibles from Basic Fun. 

There are 36 mini-characters in all to collect that will be available on the shelves of Walmart toy aisles.  POOPEEZ can be found in toilet paper roll shaped blind packs that contain two mystery mini-figures with each of the characters inside ranging in difficulty to acquire from common to ultra rare.

Normally you wouldn't want to get a box full of poop left at your doorstep.  But I won't be mad that Basic Fun sent A Geek Daddy a promotional box full of POOPEEZ to flush out the news about these new toys.  My kids are at an age where they love collecting these type of blind bag mini-toys to play with and trade with their friends.  Plus they find potty humor hilarious.  So my son and daughter think POOPEEZ is a real toot!  They've been having a lot of fun joking and goofing around with the POOPEEZ that Basic Fun plopped on our front porch to discover.

In addition to colleting POOPEEZ figures in toilet paper roll packages there are also multi-packs available where you can see which characters are inside through the clear packaging.  Each multi-pack includes either a porta-potty or toilet accessory plus includes a selection of exclusive figures that aren't available in the tp roll blind packs.  The porta potty provides a nice storage bin for your POOPEEZ while the toilet bowl has some explosive launching action to it.

The POOPEEZ universe revolves around the porcelain paradise of Kerplopolis. Whenever a toilet is flushed in the real world a magical portal opens up to this bustling city where everything about poop is celebrated.  All of Kerploplis' citizens are colorful characters made out of items that have been flushed there such as poop, pee, farts and toilet paper.

Every city has its own problems and Kerplopolis is no different.  Follow the adventures of six heroes, T.P., Pooji, Lil' Squirt, Skid Mark, Dumpling, and the Toot Fairy, as they try to keep Kerplopolis from being a stinky place to live in cartoons that can be viewed for FREE on the POOPEEZ YouTube channel.  These characters animated journeys are filled with potty puns and jokes meant to garner smirks and get viewers to smile.

For more information, visit POOPEEZ.COM or follow the toy collection's social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  Get a potty started with POOPEEZ!

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