Saturday, February 17, 2018

Tech Deck

When it is too cold or wet to skateboard outside take the fun inside by building a miniature Tech Deck skateboard from SpinMaster.  These 96 millimeter (3.7 inch) fingerboards feature actual deck graphics used by some of the most popular skate gear brands in the world, including Blind, Baker, Darkstar, Flip, Primitive, Sk8mafia and Toy Machine.  Available in single, double, four and six packs collect your favorite designs, put your decks together and recreate favorite skateboard tricks using your finger to control the toy.

No batteries required to play with these toys ... just need to use some muscle and dexterity for assembling your Tech Deck fingerboards as well as for pushing and flipping them around while playing.  Which skating board tricks do you want to try out with a Tech Deck fingerboard?  An Ollie, a Nollie 360 or Backside Flip or a Varial Heelflip? Head over to the Tech Deck website for video tutorials on how to do some amazing tricks with your fingerboards.

Of course before doing tricks you need to put your fingerboard together. SpinMaster provided us with a Toy Machine 4-pack and Darkstar 4-pack to play with.  Each Tech Deck pack included four boards featuring licensed artwork from each of those brands within it.  Also included are grip pads, trucks, multiple colored wheels, screws and lug nuts along with a small screwdriver/wrench combo.

With multi-packs like these you can mix and match the wheels with the different decks to provide for some customization for your fingerboard.  Choose a deck and some wheels.  Then attach two trucks to your deck with the included screws.  On each axle for both trucks secure a wheel with a lug nut.  The grip pad has an adhesive sticker on its bottom.  Place the sticky surface of the grip pad on the top of your deck (opposite side from its artwork, trucks and wheels) and rub it down to secure into place.  There you go! You're all done and it is time to have some fun!

Tech Deck 96MM Fingerboards are recommended for ages 6 and up.  Note that the screws and lug nuts are very small making them easy to lose if dropped on the ground plus take some patience to properly screw into place.  So make sure to be careful with them!  Once everything is screwed into place we've found everything really stays together great.

These Tech Decks look sharp once you've got them assembled.  Having actual deck graphics used on real skateboards make Tech Decks great for collecting and displaying.  Plus mastering using your fingers to do some incredible tricks with Tech Decks is challenging and fun.  Once you've got some tricks down make a video doing them, upload it to Instagram or YouTube, and tag it with #TechDeckTrick.  Tech Deck will share some of their favorite #TechDeckTrick videos on their website and social media channels.  That could be your child ... or you!  Hey these are fun toys for moms and dads to play around with too!

For more information, head over to These toys really are rad so they get A Geek Daddy nod of approval. You can find Tech Deck toys at Target, Toys R Us and Walmart.

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