Monday, February 5, 2018


The folks over at The Bro Basket noticed some of my craft beer reviews that I've written for A Geek Daddy and sent over a complimentary gift basket that they thought I'd enjoy.  If you are looking for a nice gift to help a special man in your life commemorate a birthday, Fathers Day, Valentines Day or another special occasion take a look at the products The Bro Basket has to offer.  These gift baskets are specifically designed with guys in mind.  The Bro Basket Craft Beer Tasting Kit they sent my way was very much appreciated.

The Bro Basket I had the chance to try out featured a selection of beverages from California-based Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company.  This brewery started by a father and son pays homage to the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley where their family lives with handcrafted beer that incorporate the region's atmosphere into the flavoring and hand-drawn artwork on bottle labels that depict the landscape of the area.  The Bro Basket included a variety of great Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company flavors including Danish Red, Davy Brown, and Hoppy Poppy.  It was nice to get a taste of some different types of brews that aren't available for me to try locally.

In addition to the brews, The Bro Basket Craft Beer Tasting Kit included four Weizen-style glasses that are designed to showcase a beer's coloring and enhance the aromas of its ingredients.  These are great glasses for doing tastings of various styles of craft beers.  The Bro Basket Craft Beer Tasting Kit comes complete with a wooden paddle to hold the glasses while doing a flight of samplings.  The 6 oz. glasses allow you to taste four different brews while drinking the same volume as just one pint of beer.

It is normally recommended to select beers that go from light ale to dark stout while drinking a flight to experience a wide variety of tastes and textures while sampling your selections.  Doing flights is an enjoyable way to experience a wide variety of different craft beers without getting yourself completely toasted.  I particularly like to do a flight when visiting someplace that has exclusive brews on tap only available at that location or when bottles of beers, like those from Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company, aren't regularly available to obtain near my home.

My first drink of The Bro Basket flight was a Fig Mtn Light which while low on calories has a rich taste that didn't feel watered down like many light beers do.  Going from lightest to richest in order of tasting the beers of this flight, next up was Hoppy Poppy an IPA (India Pale Ale) that has the slight aroma of a floral bouquet with hints of citrus and pine that is made with Cascade, Columbus and Centennial hops along with traces of poppy seeds.  Danish Red Lager was inspired by the village of Solvang nestled within the Santa Ynez Valley that was founded by Danish immigrants.  It is crafted with a blend of European caramels mixed with German and North American hops providing a full bodied taste layered with rich malt flavor while showing a nice amber hue in the glass.  The final glass was Davy Brown Ale named after an early pioneer who settled on Figueroa Mountain in the 1800s.  This brown ale is brewed with caramel and chocolate malts and you can taste a hint of coffee in it.

Some extras goodies within The Bro Basket Craft Beer Tasting Kit were a number of snacks including caramel popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, pretzels and some beef jerky to enjoy along with your flight of beers.  It also included a bottle opener, koozies and coasters for your beers packed inside a nice reusable wooden crate.  Plus if you are sending a Craft Beer Tasting Kit or any other The Bro Basket to someone as a gift you can place a card containing your very own personalized message right on the front of it.

In addition to craft beers there are also gift baskets themed around a variety of other spirits including Whiskey, Scotch and Bourbon.  Non-alcoholic themed packages are also available including ones themed for backyard grillers, fitness gurus, football fanatics, junk food lovers, and golfers.  For more information, please visit

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