Tuesday, February 13, 2018


It is "Science Week" at my kids elementary school and in addition to the special themed activities they are doing at school we are having some extracurricular fun at home as well using THE WOW SCOPE.  This microscope from My First Lab takes medical-grade scientific equipment and makes these tools kid-friendly.  It is a great device for getting kids interested in STEM learning.

What is really nice about this microscope is that there is no squinting through one eye piece to look at things.  THE WOW SCOPE has an easily adjustable binocular system so both eyes can be used at once to view objects.  Kids can really get great close up views with this microscope that provides up to 50x magnification. 

Use slides like the two that come along with THE WOW SCOPE that provide incredibly detailed glimpses of a fly's wing, insect's leg, bird's feather and sand.  Create your own slides or purchase additional prepared ones from My First Lab.  You can also just place objects on the viewing platform to take a look at them as well.  My kids have been having a great time putting things like leaves, rocks and potato chips under the lens of the microscope to see how they look magnified.

THE WOW SCOPE has two battery powered lights to ensure the microscope has just the right illumination for its lenses to provide a good view.  It has a LED light placed above the viewing area to assist with looking at objects placed under the lens.  There is also a LED light incorporated within the platform of the microscope to shine underneath slides placed upon it.

Meant to be used by children, the microscope has a durable frame; but is also very lightweight designed to be portable so kids can take it along with them on adventures to use as they explore places.  My son and daughter for example took it outside with them to look at snowflakes.  The amazement of kids looking at the world from a different perspective through a microscope is a wonderful thing.

For a more detailed look at this great gadget, please head over to myfirstlab.com

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