Sunday, March 11, 2018

Biz Stain Fighter

Life is messy! You don't realize just how messy it can be until becoming a parent responsible for cleaning up the astronomical number of messes kids can make.  Bloody nose sprayed pillow cases, grass stained jeans, muddy soccer uniforms, spaghetti accidents and red Slurpee spills ... oh the horror! Thank goodness for BIZ!

Biz Stain Fighter is specially formulated to tackle tough stains.  Different stains require different elements to eliminate them:  detergents, whitening ingredients, peroxides and enzymes.  Biz incorporates all of these stain fighters into its ingredients.  Plus because Biz Stain Fighter is the only brand with Enzamix, a unique blend of enzymes designed to quickly dissolve bacteria causing stains and odors from grass, sweat, blood and more, it has an edge in fighting stains.  That combined with Biz incorporating all four key elements to treating stains together in one mixture is why Biz works better than other brands.

We put Biz to the test when my daughter dripped spaghetti sauce down the front of her shirt.  Poured some Biz Stain Fighter into the washing machine plus rubbed some of it directly onto the stain before throwing it in.  Abracadabra!  After washing and drying it, the shirt came out stain free.

Biz is currently available as a powder, liquid, and liquid booster.  Add these along with your normal detergent to every load of wash to boost your cleaning power and eliminate tough stains.  The liquid is also great for pre-treating stains before throwing them into the washing machine.  Coming soon is BIZ-ON-THE-GO a portable stain eliminator pen to help combat messes as they happen while you are out and about.

A Geek Daddy will be a Biz Stain Fighter brand ambassador receiving complimentary product and posting sponsored posts throughout 2018.  Stay tuned throughout the year for tips and stories about overcoming tough to get out stains from my kids messes using BIZ.  For more information about how to use and where to buy it, head over to

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