Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn

The annual NCAA Men's Division 1 Basketball Championship Tournament in March is always one of my favorite sporting events of the year.  I always block out my schedule so that I can watch as many of the opening round games as possible.  Grab some snacks, plop on the couch and be absorbed by some intense basketball matches for four days straight.  That's the life!

Unfortunately, while these games are always great for boasting my spirit out of the Winter doldrums this time in March is always maddening for my waistline.  While enjoying watching basketball on TV, I also tend to overindulge in snacks that aren't very healthy for me to eat.  Not this year though as I'm snacking on Popcornopolis' Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn that is now available at Costco stores while enjoying the big basketball tournament.

Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn has everything you want in a healthy snack and nothing you don't.  Only 33 calories per a cup sized serving it has all natural ingredients and is USDA certified organic.  It is also certified gluten free and Kosher by Orthodox Union.  This popcorn naturally has no cholesterol and is lightly salted to be low in sodium which also contribute to it being a great treat to enjoy while watching college hoops or staying in for a family movie night.

You can pick up a huge bag of this organic gourmet salted popcorn from your local Costco for $5.39 or order a case of 5 bags online from Popcornopolis which will be delivered directly to your front door.  I found Popcornopolis' Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn to be very tasty and it is nice to feel guilt-free when opening a bag of something to snack on.  Try out Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn and if you like it stock up when Costco will be having a special promo price of $3.49 per 14oz bag from April 19 - May 13, 2018.

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