Tuesday, March 27, 2018


For several years we enrolled my son and daughter in swimming lesson sessions with hour long classes at a local community pool.  So it seemed odd that when they started taking classes at Goldfish Swim School their lessons were only thirty minutes long.  Yet after just one year at Goldfish the twins' swimming skills have positively progressed significantly more than they did over the three year span taking classes at that other place.

Here are three reasons why thirty minute lessons have worked out great for my kids at Goldfish Swim School:
  • Small Class Size -- lessons are limited to 4 students or less per instructor.  This really allows the teachers to interact with the students in their class and get to know the kids' strengths and weaknesses.  My son and daughter have been in classes at other facilities that had 8 to 12 kids in it. You get a lot more quality swimming time learning in the pool when an instructor is attentive on helping 2 to 4 kids instead of eight or more. Our family found out first-hand how this can make such a big difference!
  • Attention Span --  in developing their results-oriented lesson plans Goldfish Swim School determined that after thirty minutes kids begin to tire out and lose focus.  Once a child stops being actively involved in a lesson or starts having his or her mind wander, they stop retaining information and become less productive.  Goldfish strives to have kids get the most out of the time they are in the pool.

    My kids are always tuckered out when they finish a Goldfish Swim School class so I know they are getting a workout. Since their swim strokes have been consistently improving this thirty minute approach is obviously working. I have to agree these lessons really seemed nicely timed to capture my son and daughter's attention span.
  • Perpetual Lessons -- when taking lessons at other pools there often would be weeks and sometimes months between class sessions.  That's not the case with Goldfish Swim School!  Kids keep the same time and day for their lesson continuously throughout the year until they graduate to a new achievement level.  This consistency enhances the overall quality of a child's comfort with swimming and their skill development.  My kids look forward to having swim lessons EVERY week since we started going to Goldfish Swim School.

We've really had a golden experience at Goldfish Swim School.  I've been incredibly impressed by the impact their swim lessons have had on my kids.  So of course they've earned A Geek Daddy nod of approval. With classes available for toddlers through tweens head over to your local Goldfish Swim School and get your kids swimming.

For more information, please visit goldfishswimschool.com

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