Tuesday, May 15, 2018


If you are stopping in to a Michigan McDonald's restaurant during the next few weeks don't toss out your large soft drink cup after the meal.  From now through June 3, 2018 large soft drink cups purchases a la carte or as part of an upsized Extra Value Meal can be used to score discount admission tickets to three great amusement parks, Cedar Point, Kings' Island, and Michigan's Adventure, thanks to a summer promotional partnership with Coco Cola.  These special "Score with an Ice Cold Coke" cups provide a $20 discount to Cedar Point or Kings' Island and a $6 discount to Michigan's Adventure.

So how does it work? Simply present the cup at the front gate of Cedar Point or Kings Island on any general operating day until 9/3/18 to purchase up to six adult admission tickets or Michigan's adventure through 7/3/18 to purchase up to four adult admission tickets. Just keep your cup picked up from a participating McDonalds location in Michigan and bring it with you to the amusement park. Simple as that!

Kings Island Discount

Thanks to McDonalds for sharing this news to pass on as well as providing me with a free sample of their new exclusive MIX by Sprite Tropic Berry soda and fresh beef Quarter Pounder burger along with some complimentary passes to Kings Island Amusement Park.  A Geek Daddy is lovin' it!!! Don't miss out on grabbing one of these special promotion cups for yourself before they're gone and have a fun summer road trip to an amusement park with your family and friends.

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