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Constructing things with plastic construction block building sets is one of my son's favorite things to do.  So he's been having himself a really good time playing around with a pack of E-Blox® LED building blocks.  With E-Blox, kids can learn about electricity and circuitry while having fun building stuff that includes working lights embedded within their creations.  Create a lighthouse tower, creature with eyes that shine, any other countless ideas you can imagine.  Build something from scratch using one of the available E-Blox pARTS™ play sets or incorporate them into something that you've already built because E-Blox are compatible with all the major plastic brick and block building toy brands.

Combining classic style plastic toy blocks with tin-plated ones allows kids to build an electrical circuit within whatever they are building which power LED lights that are part of the buildings, sculptures or vehicles they are crafting.  E-Blox® patented technology allows for seamlessly integrating a circuit within  plastic toy construction block creations without wires to bundle and hide allowing power to flow from a battery to the embedded electrical components directly through connected tin-plated blocks.  The hands-on experience of making a three dimensional working circuit provides a great STEM learning experience and won E-Blox a 2017 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award.

E-Blox sent A Geek Daddy its pARTS Deluxe Set to try out and my son has been having a lot of fun testing it out.  Recommended for ages 8 and up, this E-Blox set contains over 100 parts that let circuits be built directly into projects to light up your builds though one 9V battery is required but not included.  There are enough pieces for kids to build their own original ideas or you can use your E-Blox components to illuminate something built from another brand's toy brick or block playset. Keep reading to find out out more about our E-Blox experience and to enter a giveaway for a chance to win a Starter Set of your own.

My son started off  discovering just the right way to connect his circuits to the negative and positive battery electrical charge connections to get his LED lights glowing through building some basic towers.  He didn't want any help from dad and it was impressive watching him work things out for himself learning to get the LED lights to glow in different configurations and layouts.  As he figured out how the tin-plated blocks needed to connect or be separated for a working electrical circuit to function it was like seeing a light bulb flickering on in his head with every success.

Once he mastered the basics of creating a circuit, my son began to get creative. His next creation was a robot with LED eyes that not only light up but change color as well.  He put a lot of effort into building this robot and it took awhile for him to get the circuit to work just right.  When it was done I could tell he was really proud of himself. Now my son wants to use his E-Blox to add their LED lighting blocks to a toy plastic brick coast guard cutter that he has on his bedroom shelf.

If you look closely at the robot's layout, the tin-plated bricks connect to the battery at one side, flow through the interior of the model, then loop back around behind it to complete the circuit.  My son was trying to have the circuit not to be noticeably distracting from the look of the robot and I think he did a good job in accomplishing that.  He was so excited when he flipped the on switch on the battery case and those robot's eyes started shining.


To share my son's enthusiasm for E-Blox, A Geek Daddy has a pARTS Starter Set to giveaway.  It comes with 25 parts to build 3D circuits to light up your own toy construction block masterpieces.  For a chance to win the E-Blox pARTS Starter Set just complete the rafflecopter entries below by May 28, 2018 at 11:59 pm ET.  Must be a United States resident over 18 years old to be eligible for this promotion.  Prizes can only be delivered with the continental United States and fulfillment is the responsibility of E-Blox.  Please reply back within 48 hours of notification of being the randomly selected winner with your mailing information to accept the prize or otherwise the prize will be forfeited and a new person selected to receive it. Good luck to all our entrants!

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For their ability to incorporate STEM learning into make playtime educational as well as entertaining, E-Blox have earned A Geek Daddy nod of approval.  Being able to introduce lighting effects into toy brick and block creations without having to utilize wiring is an amazing feature to take advantage of that is sure to delight and thrill any child.  Easy to use and durably built, E-Blox is a great pick up for elementary school aged girls and boys. E-Blox is sure to add a charge to the fun of playing with brick and block construction toys. For more information, head over to their website at

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