Monday, May 7, 2018


One of the things we found out about when picking up our new puppy to come live with us is that she had never been outside to poop or pee.  So the first time she'd ever relieved herself in the outdoors was at a highway rest stop along our route across the state from the Lake Michigan beach resort town of Holland, where the puppy was born, to her new home in the suburbs of Detroit with us.  So we are starting from scratch in regard to get her trained to do her business outside the house right from the get go.

Thank goodness Hartz Pet Products & Supplies had read about us getting this new addition to our family in one of my blog posts.  They kindly sent us some Hartz Home Protection Quilted Plus Dog Pads to help save our floors from being soiled by a puppy treating them as her toilet.  I have to admit that the first week we had the dog did not go smoothly when it came to her house training.  The Hartz dog pads really passed muster when it came to avoiding our carpets and hardwood floors from becoming smelly and stained by the puppy having accidents in the house.

We keep this bag of dog pads close by whenever the puppy is out of her pen.  If it looks like she is about to poop or pee and we can't get her outside in time, we hurriedly rush her onto one of the pads.  Liquid is absorbed by the pad into FlashDry Gel that keeps it from making a mess and these pads have a nice clean powder scent. They won't leak and are great at blocking odor to avoid your house from beginning to have a urine stink smell to it.

Since getting the dog we've been taking the puppy outside regularly to the exact same spot in our backyard and walk around there until she goes.  We then praise her and let the puppy have a dog treat.  This has been working out really well with us entering our third week of owning the puppy and she hasn't peed or pooped inside the house for four days in a row now.  Knock on wood!  Being that she is a puppy, we're still keeping those Hartz Home Protection Quilted Plus Dog Pads close by just in case.

From our experience, I recommend you check out this Made in the USA product from Hartz as part of your house training routine for puppies.  They just aren't useful for puppies though. Dogs that stay home inside alone all day on a regular basis can be trained to use these pads as their potty if they can't get outside because their family can't be around to let them out.  That can also be the case for ailing and incontinent dogs that can't hold their bladder long enough to get outside or have physical difficulties getting around.  Hartz Home Protection Quilted Plus Dog Pad also are useful for lining pet carriers or car seats while traveling with your pet.  Plus if you don't need them for preventing accidents, these pads also make great towels for drying wet, muddy canine paws and fur.

Hartz has been providing products that keep pets happy, healthy and thriving for more than 90 years. Visit to see everything they have to offer that may be useful for your own pet. Plus keep coming back to for updates to how my family is adapting to our new lifestyle as dog owners of a very energetic Boxer puppy.

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