Thursday, May 24, 2018


The characters of the popular nicktoons animated show MYSTICONS are jumping from the television screen into children's hands to play with through a new line of action figures from Playmates Toys.  These figures that revolve around the four principal characters in this TV series geared for girls between the ages of six and eleven years old, Arkayna, Zarya, Em & Piper, stand 7" tall and feature 10 point of articulation making them great for imaginative play.  Playmates kindly sent my nine year old daughter two of these new figures along with a box filled with MYSTICONS swag. She has been having a good time playing with these MYSTICONS toys!

MYSTICONS is broadcast on nicktoons Saturday mornings at 8am. Reruns are also shown on Nick Jr. and Nick Teen. The cartoons are set in a futuristic sci-fi setting filled with magical beings that include dwarves, elves, fairies, griffins and more.  The animated series follows the adventures of four ordinary girls who are chosen to become transformed into legendary warriors tasked with a quest to save their world from an evil threat. These heroines are called the Mysticons.

Each of the 7" MYSTICONS action figures comes with a weapon to wield.  Arkayna comes with a magical staff. Zarya includes a bow and arrow. Each of the toys also comes with an animal companion.  Arkayna watches over a baby dragon while Zarya is joined by her trusty pet foz. Playmates Toys' Mysticons action figures are available on as well as at Walmart and select comic book and collectible toy shops.

Check out the free app by Nelvana, Mysticons: Secrets of Gemina, that is available for Apple and Android devices which expands upon the show's stories and lets players join in on the characters' battles through a role playing game. Note while the game can be played entirely for free there are in-app purchase opportunities parents should be aware of when your kids are using the app. Each of these Playmates 7"  action figures also comes with an exclusive Topps collectible card for the character that includes a scannable code on the back that unlocks special FREE bonuses within the Mysticons: Secrets of Gemina game.

Keep an eye out for Mysticons Fun Packs from Topps at retail outlets as well.  These packs are filled with collectible cards include more bonus codes to unlock loot chests and provide special power ups in the Secrets of Gemina game along with other fun stuff.  Each Topps Mysticons Fun Pack includes four Base Story or Character Cards, one Activity Insert that is either Stickers, Coloring Cards or Temporary Tattoos, and a Character Code Card.  Fans of the show will really enjoy this app and these Topps cards.

Heading on a trip with a child who would enjoy these?  A few packs of these cards and this game are a great way to keep girls, and boys (my son likes the TV show too), amused while traveling. A great way to avoid the number of times you hear the phrase "are we there yet" on the way to your destination!

Playmates Toys' action figures are a great way for kids to imagine they have been transported into the world of the Mysticons and engage in creative play. The Dungeon and Dragons vibe with a female perspective as the lead characters provides a rich fantasy theme for action adventures.  The Mysticons are strong, confident, smart, witty, and funny characters making them a great inspiration for kids and earning the television show and toys A Geek Daddy nod of approval.

For more information about the television show head over to Download the game on the App Store (ios) or Google Play (android). And to learn more about Playmates Toys MYSTICONS action figures visit

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