Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Looking for a Fathers Day present for a traveling dad like myself? A graduation present for someone who loves to travel? Or maybe something for yourself to make life more convenient? In that case, check out the tech available from NOMAD® that enhances electronic gadgets to make them more practical to use and powered up for people on to go.  I recently had the chance to try out a wireless charging stand, rugged universal cable, and leather phone case from NOMAD.  Have to say these products were really impressive!


For cellular phones with wireless charging capabilities this offers a convenient way to keep charged up whether you are at home or traveling around the country.  Sized to be as easy to place on a desk as it is to pack within in a back pack or suit case. The charger's top side is wrapped in premium leather that provides a rugged but refined look that will be appealing to any guy plus it has a rubber base to provide a sturdy grip wherever it is placed.

Its 7.5W charge output powered up my Samsung S8 just as quickly as when it is plugged into a USB outlet or electrical outlet via a cord. Plus it charged up without me having to remove my phone from its protective case so all I had to do was place it upon the leather pad. Wow! Recharging my phone now is as simple as just setting it down on this charging stand.

No more having to mess around with cords with the NOMAD Wireless Charging Stand.  It offers dual resting position for your phone so you can have it upright or lying flat while charging a phone. Doesn't it suck to lose track of your phone when staying someplace overnight? Set the charger to upright position while placing it on the night table next to a bed so a phone remains visible during traveling stops using the stand's sturdy aluminum kickstand.  When at your home or office use its flat stance on a desk so you can just toss a phone on the pad for an easy battery recharge.

The NOMAD Wireless Charging Stand is made to be used with iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung S9, Samsung S9 Plus, Samsung S8, Samsung S8 Plus, and Samsung Note phones.  It is also compatible with all other android phones which are wireless charging compatible. Not only has it received a number of five star customer reviews on its website, but this wireless charging stand has also earned A Geek Daddy nod of approval.


I'm always nervous when traveling that the cables needed to access and charge my electric devices like cameras, laptops, and tablets will get damaged or lost while out and about.  NOMAD has created a universal cable that is compatible with most devices and rugged enough to stand up to the wear and tear of any adventure.  This is going to become a permanent accessory stored within the backpack that I take on all my road trips. Whether hiking at a rural national park or spending time at Disney World this is a nice accessory to keep handy whenever you are traveling.

You can rely on military strength durability with this dependable Universal Cable from NOMAD. It is wrapped in 500D Nylon woven in a ballistic weave pattern which was originally developed to protect military forces from shrapnel and bullets. Now that is some heavy duty stuff you can trust!

The Universal Cable comes with integrated multi-tip charging options so it can interface with and charge a variety of mobile devices. The core cable has a USB A tip at one end and Micro USB at the other. Two attached tips, an MFi Certified Lightning tip and a USB Type C, can be snapped onto the Micro USB side making the cord useful with all iPhone, Android and other USB powered devices. No more hoping you brought along the right cord when you have this one along for the ride!

They’ve even added a custom designed Liquid Silicone Rubber tie to ensure their cable doesn’t get tangled.  With the attention to detail placed in designing and producing this Universal Cable, NOMAD is so confident in the quality of this product they provide a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE.  I sure do like it when a company stands behind their products like this!


I have a hard protective case for my phone, but sometimes that just doesn't look very nice in certain situations.  For example, attorneys are allowed to take their phone into court but sometimes you need to inconspicuous when using it.  The leather case from NOMAD I've been using when visiting courthouses is very professional looking yet doesn't stand out.  I've found it to be very convenient when needing to access my phone without being overly noticeable.

Made from high-quality Horween leather this phone case looks sharp!  Horween Leather Co. has been making leather products for more than 100 years so you know they produce quality stuff to have stayed in business so long and garnered the quality reputation their business has. In addition to the leather exterior looking good, its interior has a microfiber lining to cushion a phone placed inside and semi-rigid TPE edges protected it from drops.  My phone slipped into the protective well of this leather folio nice and snug so there are no worries about this case putting style before function.

There are also slots within the case so you can use it as a wallet as well.  Throw in your identification, cash and credit cards to carry in it as well.  The other day I went to work without my wallet carrying my driver's license, State Bar ID, a debit card and some cash in the phone case.  It also has a cut out in the rear of the case so you can use a phone's camera functions without removing it from the case.

Whether for use in a professional capacity or just to spruce up a casual look this really is an outstanding case to store your phone in.  Both stylish and durable, this is a great addition to use for both work and play.  I've been getting a lot of use out of mine so obviously it gets a good recommendation.

The brand philosophy for NOMAD is to create products that allow their customers to own fewer things, be resourceful and seek adventure.  From my experience they are definitely living up to those expectations! Head over to to discover all they have to offer. Also check out their Instagram feed @NomadGoods which is full of incredible imagery of taking tech on some wild treks.

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