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Bring the football pitch home for some tabletop fun with the HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena.  Imagine your favorite national teams competing against one another in a robot vs robot soccer match.  This game comes with an arena complete with netted goals, two remote control robots and a soccer ball.

Remote controls allow each robot to be controlled individually.  Players can steer their robots forward and backward as well as left and right. Each robot also has a magnetic boot on its front side that lets it capture and hold the soccer ball included with the game. A button on the top of the remote control lets a robot give the ball a kick. The HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena game comes with two robots but up to four can be played at the same time with each being able to sync to a different control frequency. For two on two matches though you'll need to buy an additional robotic soccer duel pack from HEXBUG.

soccer fun

Each robot comes with three removable tops that can be customized with included sticker sheets to display the flags of various countries that are known for their global competitiveness in soccer. The kids enjoyed playing out a bout between two South American soccer powerhouses in their first game playing with the HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena.  My son played as Brazil and daughter had Uruguay.

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I threw the metallic soccer ball onto the court and my daughter got to it first.  She gained control of the ball and started heading towards the goal on my son's side of the field. Uruguay looked likely to get the first shot on goal and score of the game.

Brazil soccer team

Not so quick! My son spun his robot in front of my daughter's.  He pushed up against the ball contesting her control of it.

uruguay soccer team

Brazil with the steal! The ball got knocked loose from Uruguay. My son hooked onto it with his robot's magnetic boot and now has control of the soccer ball.

team uruguay

Brazil is now rushing towards the other end of the field! Uruguay spins around to block the way. Can they cut in front and steal the ball back?


No she can't! She misses her angle and my son jumps in front where she can't catch up.  He's heading in for the score!


GOOOOOAL!!!! Brazil strikes first getting the first score of this match!


Her brother may have gotten the first goal of the game but my daughter was still all smiles playing the game.  She quickly got the ball back and scored a goal of her own to even up the match. They are both very competitive when it comes to challenging one another. The game was on!


He was really focused on beating his sister!  Yet she kept tying up the score.  They had agreed to play to 10.  My son was leading 9 to 8 with Uruguay coming in for a shot that would tie the game again. He swerved his robot into hers though and her shot bounced off to the side of the goal!

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Brazil grabbed the rebound! Raced down the field! GOOOOAL!!!! Brazil won 10-8 to win the HEXBUG CUP that night at our home.  Both kids were winners though because each of them had lots of fun playing robotic soccer!

The HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena earned A Geek Daddy nod of approval because my kids have had an incredible time playing with it.  Also as a parent, I appreciate how it was easy and convenient to pull it out of the box and start playing it right away.  Just quickly snap together the game's boundary walls and goals which then snap into the fold-out soccer field mat to connect everything nice and sturdy.  Batteries are included to power the robots!  Select one of the four available channels for each robot on the remote controls and hit the power on button on the bottom of each robot.  You are good to go!

toy robots

We've had a lot of fun playing with the HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena. To find out more about it head over to  You can purchase this robotic soccer game through their website or look for it at major toy retailers across the United States and Canada.


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