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Often times when it comes to swimming lessons you will find children, especially toddlers and preschoolers, crying that they don't want to participate.  Sometimes these fits will even last through multiple lessons if a parent doesn't cave in right away to dropping the child's participation in the activity.  It is important though as parents not to let tears and tantrums prevent a child from becoming comfortable in the water, learning valuable safety skills, and trying out new things.

Crying is actually one of the most common behaviors my friends at Goldfish Swim School see in young children who are just starting lessons.  Of course this can be stressful both upon the child and parent.  Here are some tips on how to turn these negative situations into positive experiences:

First it is important to understand why the child is crying.  In most cases it isn't fear of the water but rather separation anxiety from parents and being in an unfamiliar environment.  Sensation of water in the ears also can be unnerving for some youngsters.

So when will a child stop crying? Typically this will be by the fourth lesson if a family sticks with a routine for their classes.  Once trust and confidence is formed with the teacher and a kids know parents will be coming back after the class is done they tend to settle down.  That being said kids do progress and mature at different paces so each situation is always unique.

To help children be comfortable attending swimming lessons, Goldfish Swim School recommends parents stay in the viewing area during class so they can be seen but a child can't use mom or dad to intervene in a crying spell or fit.  When out of class reinforce desired behaviors and offer ongoing encouragement.  Also practice skills outside of the Goldfish Swim School pool when possible between lessons.

Also Goldfish Swim School urges parents NOT to:
  • offer bribes for attending lessons;
  • allow your own anxiety show through to your child;
  • and discontinue lessons altogether due to tears and tantrums.
Learning to swim not only can help keep a child safe in and around the water but is also a healthy activity that can provide a lifetime full of fun.  Goldfish Swim School instructors provide a safe and stimulating learning environment that will eventually win over even the most finicky kid. During the years my own son and daughter have been going there I've seen a number of melt downs around the pool yet I've always seen those same children within a few weeks smiling, laughing and have a good time.

Jump into lessons! The water is warm at Goldfish Swim School, literally they always keep the pool heated to 90 degrees, and children are sure to have a good time once they get comfortable there. It has been a wonderful experience for a Geek Daddy's family!

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