Thursday, August 23, 2018

ReadySetz Space Base

ReadySetz three dimensional playscapes came on the toy scene during last year's holiday shopping season with an impressive New York City urban themed layout. I've seen some rave reviews of this 360-degree fold out playset for action figures, dolls and toy vehicles; so was really enthused when ReadySetz offered to lend us a prototype of their upcoming SPACE BASE for our family to test out. Place a pre-order now to ensure you can have one for under your Christmas tree this year. My kids were wowed by the ReadySetz SPACE BASE so I'm telling you this is a great idea for a holiday gift or birthday present.

First impression → this playset is HUGE and incredibly detailed! It is over 2 feet high and 3 feet wide. The playset is modeled at a 1:12 scale making it a perfect size for having fun with the 6 inch style of actions figures and dolls that are really popular today. Doors, display panels, ceilings, floors, and walls are all imprinted with stunning high quality graphics to compliment the playset's theme. You know what this means parents? No having to peel off stickers to decorate it! Oh yeah!

How many of you have spent hours putting together and decorating plastic playsets for kids' toys? This one made from structurally reinforced cardboard snaps together in seconds and is ready to play with immediately. No assembly, no decorating … it is ready to go right out of the box.  Because of the material it is made of too when play time is over the ReadySetz SPACE BASE can be quickly and easily folded up and stored away.  When folded up the playset is only 8 inches wide with a depth of 3 inches so it can be conveniently tucked away in a drawer or closet.

Concerned about the product being made from cardboard? Don't be! From checking out the model sent to us before my kids started messing around with it, I can assure you the ReadySetz SPACE BASE has very sturdy construction with poly coated material that provides extra durability.  Having put together my fair share of plastic playsets for my children's toys on Christmas morning, I have to say this is way nicer than any of those have ever been.

Plus not being made of plastic make these playsets much more eco-friendly! Made from 40% post-consumer material, the ReadySetz SPACE BASE fully recyclable. These won't be taking up space in landfills when they aren't being played with and can have a new life recycled into something else.

The wonderful details and vibrant artwork contained within this playset makes it great for getting kids to immerse themselves in imaginative play. I noticed my son and daughter re-engaging with toys they hadn't enjoyed for awhile and playing for longer stints than I've seen them doing lately once the ReadySetz SPACE BASE was set out for them to use.  The multi dimensional layout and elaborate imagery really sparks creativity and imagination making playtime more fun.

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to having pretend adventures with this ReadySetz playset. Yes it can be a space base, but it can serve as lots of other places too. Maybe the secret headquarters of super heroes or villains. A hidden underground laboratory. Or maybe a preschool for alien rabbits? The playset's layout and graphics inspire and enhance play so that its only limitations are one's own imagination.

The ReadySetz SPACE BASE has three levels to it starting with an upper catwalk that houses command areas. Pretend to direct space travel or science experiments from the control panels imprinted on sections of this area.  Segmented into three different sections to encourage kids to be creative in thinking out different uses for each compartment as they play. I noticed my kids coming up with lots of uses for this spot of the playset ranging from being an aircraft control tower to an intergalactic television station.

The central level of the playscape is essentially a large hanger bay.  It is a decent area for playing with toy space ships and my son's 3.75" Star Wars ones were a nice fit.  There are some doors that open and close to let kids imagine moving to different rooms. This spot makes for a nice generalized place to play with a sci-fi motif to it. In addition to being a platform for pretend spaceship landing and take-offs, my son and daughter also came up with a variety of other ideas for it including being a superhero training room and a dance off arena.

The lower level has a medical center complete with beds and diagnostic screens.  It also features an airlock and a multi-purpose room. The medical facility turned out to be one of the more popular aspects of the playscape with my kids. Hadn't realized that my kids haven't watched very many Star Trek television episodes or movies until they didn't get the Bones' (Doctor McCoy) references I was making while watching them play with their action figures and dolls in the sick bay.

While designed for use with 6" inch action figures, ReadySetz SPACE BASE is compatible with all sorts and sizes of toys.  FUNKO and LEGO mini-figures joined with both 3.75" and 6" Star Wars figures in embarking on some stellar quests. Some Calico Critters even joined in on the excitement.

So what did my son and daughter think about their experience testing out the ReadySetz SPACE BASE sent our way to test out? "It is like a great big space doll house … I love it!" said my daughter. While my son when I asked him what he thought of it simply said "AWESOME!" and went back to playing.

Head over to now to pre-order your own SPACE BASE for an estimated October delivery.  They have two versions to choose from. The full-size which I've just shown you which is meant for playing with action figures between 6" and 3.75" inches tall and a smaller 1:18 scale model designed to be played  3.75" and smaller sized toys.  Both playscapes are identical except for their size. ReadySetz SPACE BASE pre-orders include FREE shipping within the continental United States. I love free shipping!

My kids had an incredible time playing with the ReadySetz SPACE BASE prototype model that we were loaned for a week. ReadySetz is going to be making even more improvements as it gets ready to go into production for consumer distribution so it is only going to get better as well.  For how it spurs on creative play combined with its durability and quality, ReadySetz SPACE BASE has earned A Geek Daddy nod of approval. Don't hesitate to get an order in for one because this playset is sure to delight!

For more information, visit the ReadySetz website or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

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