Friday, August 17, 2018


Potty humor is in fad when it comes to toys these days.  Kids aren't just making jokes about poop and pee anymore ... now they are having fun playing with the stuff. Take for example STINK BOMZ from TOMY.  These new plush toys with a potty humor vibe are scented like and produce sound effects of something that will make every child chuckle ... FARTS!

To help launch Stink Bomz, TOMY has just released a FREE app that lets kids interact with their favorite characters from the toy line through augmented reality.  My kids have been giggling all week goofing around with this app.  Join in on the FARTY by downloading this app for Android and Apple devices. Features of the app include the ability to sniff out an offender letting loose noxious gas around you with the FART FINDER, a camera effect that lets Stink Bomz characters PHOTO BOMZ you, and a video recorder for making a real stinker of a movie.


Sniff, sniff ... what is that smell? The Stink Bomz App lets you scan the world around you through the lens of your mobile device's camera to find the farter.  Sometimes it will discover a Stink Bomz character lurking around previously unseen. Other times it will point out an offender who is causing a stink right in front of you.


Find out about the personalities of all the Stink Bomz characters in this section filled with goofy pics and videos of each of them. Watch their videos to find out why these guys are such little stinkers. Each character's gallery of cartoon caricatures are a real hoot, or should I say TOOT, to look through.


Make your own film short! Add in sound effects, digital stickers, and images of your favorite Stink Bomz characters to customize your movie. Save it to show to friends on your mobile device or share it on social media to create the next viral video.


Don't be afraid to let your stinky side show with the picture feature of the Stinky Bomz App. Watch out though you never know how those Stink Bomz may photo bomb you! My kids have been out to out do one another on who can create the most humorous photo bomz pic.

The only problem I have with this app is that ever since downloading it my kids have hijacked my phone and won't give it back to me.  They've been having a real hooting tooting good ole time playing around with the Stink Bomz App.  Anyone who thinks potty humor is hilarious is going to love this app.  Since many of those fans will be elementary school aged it has also been made to have age appropriate content for young audiences and restricts social messaging sharing of images and videos for those who are under 13 years old. There also aren't any in-app purchases for parents to worry about kids trying to spend money on.

As the Photo Bomz plush toys come out, the app will also be able to scan them to unlock new features within it.  Though it can still be a lot of fun to play with completely on its own. Download this free app on Google Play or the App Store. For more information about the Stink Bomz plush toys, please visit

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