Thursday, August 16, 2018

CozyPhones Headband Headphones

My kids are always complaining that the headphones we have for them are uncomfortable, don't fit right or break really easily while they are using them. With that in mind, we tried out CozyPhones Kids Headband Headphones and I can gladly say PROBLEM SOLVED! My son and daughter love these things!

CozyPhones are comfy headbands made with lightweight, washable, moisture wicking fleece that have special soft ear pieces that slip inside of them. These ultra-thin 1/8" speakers can be adjusted within the headband to provide a customized fit. It is like having a fluffy pillow lying against your ear while you listen to them.  Accept in this case the sound isn't muffled but rather very vibrant to hear. Both my kids gave a thumbs up to the clarity of the sound as they used CozyPhones Kids Headband Headphones.

As a parent, I like how these headphones for kids have a volume limit to protect young ears. Sound emitting from CozyPhone Kids Headband Headphones will never exceed a physician recommended 85 decibels.  Also the headband and its speakers don't muffle the ability to hear surrounding sounds so your kids can't claim they don't hear you when mom or dad are talking to them. Yet from our experience this doesn't dull or distract from the sound being projected by the headphones.


CozyPhone Kids Headband Headphone speakers have a 36 inch long cord giving plenty of reach for plugging into things so kids don't feel encumbered by it. The cord is designed not to break or kink under normal use and can be connected to any device that has a 3.5 mm stereo plug including smart phones, tablets, lap tops, desktop computers, radios and televisions among other things.  Made from durable braided material, the cord is designed to be tangle free and to stand up to the everyday where and tear of being used by children.

My kids didn't have any complaints about the cord drifting down the back of their necks from the rear of the headbands and seemed to have enough flexibility to comfortably connect to the iPod Touch my daughter listens to music on and the iPad my son plays video games on. These headbands also make for nice ear warmers when outside facing a brisk or chilly wind. Kids will surely enjoy listening to tunes while taking a walk or run while wearing these nifty headbands. Oh by the way if you find this appealing they also have some adult varieties of CozyPhones as well.

headband headphones

To make these headband headphones especially attractive to kids, CozyPhones come decorated with animal faces on the front. Choose from a bunny, fox, frog, kitten, panda, puppy, and unicorn among the assortment of available creatures. My daughter found the kitten adorable and my son took a liking to the green frog design. For preschool aged children, CozyPhones has also introduced a number of Paw Patrol character themed headband headphones. My kids loved that cartoon when they were preschoolers!

Whether for using while sitting around your house or while traveling in a car or plane on a family trip, CozyPhones provides kids with fun, comfortable headphones that parents can trust won't have their children struggling to put on and use.  Just slip on the headband and plug in the speaker cord to be good to go!  For being a cute idea that actually works really well, CozyPhone Kids Headband Headphone has earned A Geek Daddy nod of approval. For more information  or to pick up some CozyPhones for friends and family, visit


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