Tuesday, September 4, 2018


My great grandfather was a horologist … someone who makes and repairs clocks and watches for those who aren't familiar with the term.  He had a workshop in his house filled with the tools and parts needed for the trade.  My family would visit my grandparents' home in rural upstate New York during the summers and I've been fascinated by watches ever since.

Yes every phone has a clock on it and we carry those with us everywhere nowadays, but there just isn't anything like having a quality watch on your wrist. Excuse the pun but there is a timeless quality to wearing a wrist watch. It is the ultimate fashion accessory for us guys and I still find them useful to wear.  Especially in situations when it is not appropriate or convenient to be using a phone which for me may be while I am in court for work or running a route across town for a workout.

It is back to school time for my kids which means the lazy days of summer are over and there is a lot more going on. Dropping and picking up the kids from school … our district doesn't have busses and it is a two mile walk from our home. Lots of extra curricular activities going on too! Soccer practices and matches, swimming lessons, and so on. So it is really important not to lose track of time.

I also transition from stay at home dad during the summer time to picking up my regular caseloads of client work when the kids return to school.  So I appreciate watches that look good with the outfits worn for work that are also functional to help me with my professional and parenting responsibilities. This analog watch from AMITRON fits just what I am looking for in a time piece with a look that goes well with either a suit or office casual.  Plus its three subdials provide some useful features as well as enhance the aesthetic appearance of the watch.

Having to pay the orthodontist bills for my kids and other household expenses doesn't leave me the discretionary income to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a watch.  So I really appreciate how Armitron has a lineup of good looking watches that are durable and provide some great features with prices ranging between $25 and $200. You really can get some impressive watches from Armitron for under $100 that are in a price range that is affordable for the average dad.

This 42mm watch that Armitron provided me to try out which has a gold-tone stainless steel case with matte white dial and three subdials retails for $85. It includes a real leather black wristband. The subdials show the day of the week, date of the month, and military time. The watch's sturdy construction also makes it water resistant to a depth of 165 feet. Though with that quality leather wristband you aren't going to want to be swimming wearing this watch but that water resistance highlights the workmanship put behind Armitron watches.

I like this watch! But for those who may like the design but want something a bit different Armitron also has two alternate variations of this same watch. One has a gun metal matte for the dial with a dark brown leather wristband. The other has a tan leather wristband with a black matte for the dial. All three look really sharp in my opinion.

When you have some time, head over to Armitron.com to take a look at the wonderful selection of watches they have available.  I own a variety of Armitron watches and you will see me wearing them all the time. The brand has absolutely earned A Geek Daddy nod of approval.

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