Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Combining improvisational theatre with kindie music is the artistic troupe STORY PIRATES.  They take stories submitted to them by kids and transform them into humorous songs and skits which are shared through stage performances, video presentations and their popular Story Pirates Podcast.  Now some of the best songs which had previously been featured on their podcast have been compiled to create this performance group's first ever musical album titled NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

STORY PIRATES: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE is a foray into an eccentric array of topics ranging from penguins who work in an office to a carrot who lives on Saturn and longs to be eaten. This 12-song album utilizes the imaginations of children to create comedic tunes meant to get a laughs and giggles from people of all ages.  Adding professional polish to what young minds scribble down on paper invites kids into the creative process providing a fresh approach when it comes to adult artists engaging with kindie music's youthful audiences. It has resulted in an album that children will find captivating and entertaining.

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE can be purchased digitally from Amazon, Bandcamp, Google Play Music and iTunes.  It can be streamed via Spotify too.  Also consider taking in a live Story Pirates performance as the troupe performs regularly in New York City and Los Angeles as well as tours from coast to coast across the USA.


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NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE kicks off with “Fart Out Loud Day,” a funky Motown track based on a story by two sisters submitted to STORY PIRATES from Colorado, ages 9 and 11. An entire body-positivity curriculum, including a Spanish lesson, is hinted at during this special song, and listeners are invited to "let it all out” and not be ashamed of this normal bodily function.

The fun continues with a modern dance-pop tune, perfect for Halloween parties: “Frank the Monster Who Wasn’t Scary,” followed by “The Guy,” a hip hop rap about a lazy boy who soon tires of his equally lazy, chip-eating neighbor. The soaring “Star” is followed by the title track, in which Glitter the pony becomes “the best guitar player in the world” despite all the naysayers. The shiny electro-pop “All 8 Unicorns” was inspired by the story submitted by a preschooler from NYC.

Other songs include the motivational ballad "Nothing Is Impossible," food inspired tunes "Fred the Carrot" and "Pizza Revenge," and some off the wall bird songs "Riding a Seagull Was Good" and "How Penguin Office Became a Thing." Take a listen to the full album on Spotify:

For more information sail over to storypirates.com

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