Monday, October 22, 2018


When my kids were younger we got a lot of use transporting them around the neighborhood in our family's wagon on Halloween while trick-or-treating. I never thought about incorporating the wagon into their costumes when they were little though. Wish I had after looking at these wagon decorating ideas supplied to me from my friends over at WHOLESALE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES.

Transform a wagon into a dump truck, fire engine, magic flying carpet, princess carriage, pirate ship or a spaceship. Whether participating in a costume parade or trick or treating, what child isn't going to be delighted to ride in one of these decorated wagons for Halloween?! Not only are these a great costume accessory but I'm sure the mom or dad who craft up the decorated wagon will get a lot of attention and praise as they pull it around with kids in tow.

Here are some handy diy tips courtesy of WHOLESALE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES for treating your kids to a sweet ride by tricking out the family wagon. By picking up some supplies and putting in a bit of time and effort you can easily do one of these ideas or use them for inspiration to build something unique yourself. Just click on the links below for step-by-step tutorials on Halloween wagon decorating:







For those of us who aren't crafty WHOLESALE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES sells a wide variety of decorations and outfits. Check out what they have to offer!. They have a wonderful selection of costumes for both kids and adults and decorations for your house with prices that won't bust family budgets. From spooky to goofy there is something for everyone to provide a terror-ific Halloween at And if you are looking for some help in setting the stage for a family movie night, birthday party, holiday soiree or a variety of other festivities head over to WHOLESALE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES throughout the year for great products to deck out your event. Having fun dressing up and decorating doesn't have to be just for Halloween!

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