Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Based upon the orthodontics that are just getting put into place on my kids teeth combined with their food allergies there isn't a whole lot of candy that my son and daughter can actually eat from trick or treating this Halloween. So I've been gathering goodies to give them that they can trade in their trick or treat candy for.  These have included some Halloween themed Star Wars comic books from IDW Publishing.

STAR WARS ADVENTURES are Middle Grade Reading Level comic books that are written to be appealing and age appropriate to elementary school aged kids. These are perfect for my 9 year old twins!  During the month of October, IDW has been releasing a new issue each Wednesday for a 5-part mini-series which concludes on October 31st (Halloween) that tells spooky stories filled with ghosts and monsters titled TALES FROM VADER'S CASTLE.

When a group of Rebels crash-land near Darth Vader's imposing fortress on the lava scorched planet of Mustafar, the hell-like appearance of the world gets the crew sharing spooky "campfire stories" about other creepy places and experiences they've had within the Star Wars universe.  Readers of TALES FROM VADER'S CASTLE are treated to the main story of the group's escape from Vader's Castle along with an assortment of chilling short stories. Examples of some of these tales include a young Han Solo being ensnared by plants that suck people's lifeforce, the spaceship Ghost from the Star Wars: Rebels animated television series becoming possessed by an evil spirit, and a Clone Wars adventure that finds Ben Kenobi facing off against a vampire adversary that can transform someone into a bat-like monster slave.

While the stories presented in STAR WARS ADVENTURES: TALES FROM VADER'S CASTLE are spooky they aren't overly scary making these fun comic books for the whole family to enjoy for some Halloween fun. Each issue is 32 pages long and rated for all-ages reading. You can pick up print editions of these comic books from your local comic book store or they are also available digitally from Amazon, Comixology, Google Play and iBooks.

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