Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Who doesn't love having fun in the sun?! Armitron has some great watches that are perfect for people who appreciate techy things, are eco-conscious and spend time outdoors out in the sunlight because they are solar powered. Armitron solar watches as the name implies are timepiece powered by light. These watches never need to be charged or have batteries replaced as they are powered by sunlight which is absorbed by a panel that converts solar rays into energy.

Armitron kindly sent me a few of their solar watches so ageekdaddy.com could put them to the test.  I've worn them to work, around the house and on a number of adventurous road trips and have to say these Armitron solar watches are amazing! No worrying about winding the gears or the battery dying on you with these watches! Plus all the features have worked great!

Solar Stainless Steel Watch with Brown Leather Strap

This casual looking analog watch is perfect for just wearing around wherever. It compliments everything from office casual to a well-dressed date night yet is sturdy enough to wear while doing chores or wrestling around with your kids. A dial displaying the date also makes sure you always know what day of the month it is as well as the time during the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Solar Stainless Steel Watch with Adjustable Link Bracelet

This Armitron solar watch looks great with my suit and with a water resistant rating of 50 meters/165 feet it is durable enough to wear on a beach vacation.  The timepiece also includes chronometer and calendar features. This watch always looks sharp and with its solar feature you can always count on having the precise time whether you are in a boardroom or on a boardwalk.

Solar-Powered Analog Watch with Green Nylon Slip-Thru Strap

I have to say this is my favorite watch and find myself wearing it all the time. In fact, I have it on as I'm typing this write up. From Disney World to the St. Louis Zoo, this watch has gone along on a lot of ageekdaddy.com family adventures. I've also worn it camping, around town doing errands, and sometimes have even worn it with my suit to work. It has really worked out well for me.

I like that it is casual looking enough that I don't need to worry about it getting beaten up a bit getting jostled around while out and about. Yet it looks sharp enough so it doesn't negatively stand out if it is worn when I'm more dressed up.  With its 50 meter water resistance and nylon strap this watch has endured dips in lakes and swimming pools but has kept on ticking. It is also just a great fit for me...the case isn't too big or too small for my wrist but just the right size. In addition to using solar energy to power the watch, its dials also absorb and then reflect sunlight so you can see them at night which has come in handy on camping trips. This has been the perfect watch for me!

You can't go wrong with any of these three Armitron Solar Watches! The prices for quality watches can often be ridiculously expensive ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars but these attractive and dependable Armitron Solar Watches are priced under $100. Between paying my kids orthodontist bills and saving up to help with their college education, I don't have the discretionary money to be spending lots of cash on wrist watches. Thanks to Armitron it is possible to wear a sharp looking watch that you can count on without busting a family budget. Check out their collection of solar watches at armitron.com.

A Geek Daddy received complimentary watches to review from Armitron. The opinions expressed in this Armitron watch review are honest and my own.

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