Thursday, December 20, 2018


One of my favorite snacks are potato chips locally sold and made in southeastern Michigan by Better Made Snack Foods. For years I've heard of an incredible treat they've produced around the holidays -- chocolate covered potato chips -- yet never saw them on grocery store shelves.  The holy grail of potato chips so to speak.

This year I decided to go straight to the source and drove over to the Better Made Snack Foods production facility located on Gratiot Avenue in the City of Detroit. Located a few miles north of where I-94 and I-75 intersect near downtown, the Better Made Snack Foods factory is located just a few blocks west of the Gratiot on and off ramps for I-94. You can get there without having to drive around any side streets which is a good thing because the revitalization of the city hasn't reach this area of Detroit yet and it is still a really rough part of town. If you stick to the freeways and Gratiot Avenue you should still feel safe visiting this place though.

Pulling into their parking lot you can see the potato chips being made through windows in the factory walls. Oh yeah! How yummy is that?! A big arrow sign in the parking lot directs you over to a retail shop tucked within the Better Made Snack Foods factory.

I had imagined strolling through aisles of Better Made snacks and merchandise when planning my visit so the layout of the store wasn't exactly what  had been expected. It is essentially a lobby with two cashier stations behind a counter fronted with a giant bullet proof glass panel. Behind them are shelves displaying all the products. Go up and tell them what you and than they push your order through air lock looking portals built into the glass panel. It is a high security layout but based upon the neighborhood guess you can't blame them for taking extra precautions for their staff and merchandise.

Walking into the Better Made Snack Foods factory retail store, what I was looking for immediately caught my eye. There was a display of tins for chocolate covered potato chips situated next to one of the registers. One of the cashiers obviously noticed my delight as she picked up one of the tins and asked me if this is what I was looking for. Oh yes it is! I replied.

I picked up a few tins of chocolate covered potato chips for Christmas presents, plus one for myself to indulge in during my visit to the Better Made Snack Foods factory store. Mission Accomplished!

Plus I picked up a bag of Old Fashioned Movie Theater Gourmet Popcorn whole I was there. Haven't seen this at my local grocery store either. Should be a great snack for one of A Geek Daddy's family movie nights.

After seeing the factory first hand, I have to give Better Made Snack Foods credit for the commitment and investment they've made in Detroit. They've stuck with the City in good times and bad for more than 80 years! Their snacks taste awesome and the company has demonstrated its civic commitment with manufacturing in Detroit and prioritizing using ingredients Made in Michigan. This company really lives up to its name Better Made!

After chatting with the pleasant ladies behind the sales counter for awhile, I packed up my goodies and was on my way home. All together round trip my Better Made adventure took less than an hour. I'm pretty sure they'll be seeing me back again sooner or later.

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