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valentines day There is a lot to love about Goldfish Swim School! My kids have been swimming there for several years now and it has been an exceptional experience for our family. If you are the parent of a child between 4 months to twelve year old tweens, this is a great place to check out when it comes to developing swimming abilities and water safety skills.

My twins have been swimming here themselves for a few years. The kids have had a lot of fun while getting some great exercise. It has been impressive to see how they've mastered different swim strokes and how comfortable they are at swimming now. They probably are better swimmers than me and my wife now.

Here is a reason from each member of my family about why we love Goldfish Swim School:


My son misjudged the depth and current of the river in a water park tube ride getting himself in a scary situation. When he jumped in the water and found himself struggling, the confidence and skills he learned at Goldfish Swim School kept him safe until a lifeguard could bail him out of the predicament. The boy never panicked and put his lessons to good use!

He utilized a variety of the things taught during his classes at Goldfish Swim School to get himself out of trouble. Using the side breathing he utilize during laps in the pool to get air kept him breathing while having trouble keeping his head above water. Combining the strokes he has learned with the treading water water safety skills Goldfish Swim School has their students practice kept him from being sucked under by the current. Following the instructions he had been provided of reviewing your surroundings and calling for help, he was able to get a lifeguard's attention who jumped in with a float to assist him.

Goldfish Swim School really emphasizes teaching their students about water safety. In fact, they host a WATER SAFETY DAY each year that is open to all the residents in communities where Goldfish Swim Schools are located free of charge.  It is an event filled with fun activities and educational presentations on how to be safe in and around the water. My kids love going to this event and it is a great time for parents and children to reflect on water safety tips.

water safety


My daughter has mastered all the swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School but she isn't done there just yet. She is participating in the Swim Force program that teaches kids about participating in swimming as an athletic endeavor. Based upon that experience she is wanting to swim competitively in high school and college now. Wouldn't it be great if she can earn a scholarship?!

Swim Force members are kids who have graduated from all of the Goldfish Swim School swimming classes. Once they've succeeded in all the school's levels of lessons, they are invited to join the Swim Force.  This involves a weekly hour long practice session and quarterly swim meets where they race against each other. My daughter loves being a part of the Swim Force!

swim force


My wife loves how Goldfish Swim School communicates with parents! After class, instructors provide parents with individual poolside progress reports for their children. Personalized details for each student are conveyed informing a parent about what was worked on during the lesson, noting positive accomplishments  by the child and highlighting areas where there is need for improvement.

swimming lessons


I love to go for a swim myself along with my kids when the pool at Goldfish Swim School is open for students and their families to jump in to have a good time. When the kids are off from school we like to take a dip in the pool. Sometimes the kids practice their swimming strokes but often times they are just goofing around. It is a nice way to spend some quality family time together having fun. These family open swim times are a great perk at Goldfish Swim School.

These are just a few examples of why Goldfish Swim School has earned A Geek Daddy nod of approval. For more information or to find a location near you, go to 

valentines day

A Geek Daddy is a brand ambassador for Goldfish Swim School. I receive complimentary products and services in exchange for sharing my family's experience at Goldfish Swim School. Opinions expressed are honest and my own

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