Saturday, October 20, 2018


My daughter just competed in her first SWIM FORCE swimming meet!  Kids who have graduated out of Goldfish Swim School's tier of lessons can be a part of this program that introduces them to friendly competition and the athletic aspect of swimming. Swim Force members meet for an hour each week to be coached on perfecting their strokes and becoming faster swimmers in the pool.  Then there are quarterly SWIM FORCE swimming meets throughout the year where the kids can choose which events they want to compete in.

There is an informal atmosphere to these meets where the kids are dressed casually not wearing swim caps or hydrodynamic swimsuits; sit together as a group cheering on other swimmers when they aren't in the pool themselves; and setting personal time records is emphasized over winning races.  To keep things light hearted the meet ends with a relay race where swimmers must wear a Goldfish Swim School t-shirt over their swimsuit and pass it on to other team members to put on as they swim their length of the race.  These quarterly meets introduce kids to the FUN-damentals of competitive swimming with a focus on making sure everyone is having a fun experience.

It has only been a few weeks since my daughter moved up from swimming lessons to join the Swim Force; but she was gung-ho to participate right away in her first swimming meet.  She signed up to compete in her best stroke, the backstroke, and her favorite one, the butterfly, during the Swim Force swimming meet. Of course she joined in the t-shirt relay race too because it sounded like too good of a time to miss out on when her coaches described the event to her.

Goldfish Swim School tries to keep the races evenly matched with girls vs girls and boys vs boys plus kids are assigned heats where they compete against equivalently skilled swimmers. Still competing in front of other kids as well as an audience of their families can still be daunting and I could see my daughter was a bit nervous before the meet. You couldn't tell though once the Swim Force swimming meet began.  She did really well!

After the swimming wrapped up it was time for a snack. PIZZA for everyone! My daughter refueled enjoying pizza slices and Rice Krispies provided by Goldfish Swim School while laughing and chatting with new found friends she had made since joining the Swim Force. It was a fun, memorable night for the whole family and my little mermaid is already looking forward to swimming in the next Swim Force swimming meet at Goldfish Swim School.

There was a big smile on her face after swimming in her first Goldfish Swim School Swim Force swimming meet. Three events → three 2nd place ribbons. A nice introduction to competitive swimming! She really had a great time during her first ever swimming meet.

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