Tuesday, March 12, 2019


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A fellow dad who is a fan of ageekdaddy.com sent me his new self-published children's book, THE CHEF AND THE DRAGON to check out. Thanks Nelson R. Elliot for sharing this with us! As a new father reading fairy tales to his children, Nelson felt inspired to come up with his own stories to share with his kids. Now this aspiring author is sharing one of those stories with the world in the paperback children's picture book THE CHEF AND THE DRAGON.

The story starts off sharing the plight of a boy who dreams of becoming a chef. He is told by his family that is not a practical career for a young man. It looks like his dream won't come true.

Nelson R Elliott

But then the boy is captured by a greedy dragon. He is placed into servitude preparing meals for the beast. As the dragon's chef, the boy uses his wit and cooking skills to end the monster's reign of terror. After that no one challenges his desire to work in a kitchen and he lives out his dream of being a chef.

Sam McKinnon also contributes to the THE CHEF AND THE DRAGON providing some wonderful illustrations to compliment the story's text.  The 23 page book contains 10 full page illustrations drawn by McKinnon. A fun game to play while reading this new fairy is to search for a red cardinal that has been hidden within each of the pictures by McKinnon.

Nelson Elliott

THE CHEF AND THE DRAGON is available on amazon.com as an 8.5" x 11" children's picture book or a kindle e-book.

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