Friday, April 26, 2019


Mcdonalds happy meals
A Geek Daddy received the featured products for promotional consideration
Avengers Assemble! For a limited time you can find your favorite characters from Marvel Studios' AVENGERS ENDGAME movie within McDonalds Happy Meals. Now through May 20, toys based upon this blockbuster movie will be available within Avengers themed Happy Meal boxes.

24 different characters from AVENGERS ENDGAME will be available throughout the promotion. These will include Ant-Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Thor, War Machine, along with two surprise mystery characters.  Some of the figures even light up! As you collect these AVENGERS ENDGAME Happy Meal toys their bases can be connected making for a nice display.

endgame tieins

Thanks McDonalds for sending a couple of these Happy Meal toys to along with some coupons for free ice cream to stop by a restaurant to enjoy after we've seen the movie.

captain america iron man

For more information about these AVENGERS ENDGAME Happy Meal toys head over to plus enjoy these Avengers themed activity sheets below courtesy of McDonalds. Also don't forget to scan your toy as well as the milk jug, go-gurt and apple slices packaging in an Avengers Happy Meal with the McPlay app for access to some fun games and other digital features.

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