Sunday, May 19, 2019


Roleplaying game fanatics will definitely want to check out this Kickstarter campaign by Eldritch Foundry that lets you direct order customized miniature gaming figures through the magic of 3D printing. Similar to how the look of characters in video games can be personalized by players, this new 3D printing service will let you customize unique physical figures that can be played with in roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons or tabletop games like Betrayal at Baldur's Gate. Now fully funded to bring this service to market, they are still taking pledges on the Kickstarter campaign that will let you be one of the first people to create your own miniature gaming character pieces. They even have an option to have the image of your face placed upon them!

Miniatures can be designed through an online character creator than will be shipped to you at no additional charge. I love FREE shipping! Eldritch Foundry promises the character creator will be easy to use and allow for a maximum level of customization when it comes to designing your miniatures.

These aren't just your typical green army men style plastic toy figures either.  Eldritch Foundry miniatures are printed at around 32 microns. What does that mean? A high quality on par with resin castings. This process means your miniatures will have no flash, no mold lines, and no seams.


Eldritch Foundry has also created the first and only conditional marker base for  miniature figures. This allows players to show the condition of a character by spinning around symbols on the base. Available conditions include poisoned, restrained, concentration, deafened, petrified, grappled, blinded, and frightened. They even have a blank option for those who may want to draw their own symbols to identify their character's condition on the figure's base.

conditional base

These miniature figures look great! A great way to expand upon the fun of imaginative play when it comes to roleplaying and tabletop games. For more info watch the video below plus check out these gaming figures for yourself at

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