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My kids love playing the video game MINECRAFT which lets them build their own customizable fantasy worlds from pixelated three dimensional blocks that can be moved and transformed. So I'm sure they would go bananas over a Minecraft themed birthday party like this one shared with me by Wholesale Party Supplies.  With ideas like these, you can have a fun celebration at home rather than feeling as if you need to host birthday parties at a restaurant or entertainment venue. That could save you some serious dough compared to going to someplace like an arcade, roller rink, or water park.

Find a theme the birthday boy or girl will be thrilled about and combine your own creativity with items from Wholesale Party Supplies to transform a space into someplace special. In this case that is a Minecraft world complete with decorations, treats and activities that let kids imagine they've stepped inside the video game. These party suggestions from Wholesale Party Supplies are sure to delight young Minecraft fans:


Transform a wall of a room into the blocky façade of the Minecraft world with a stone wall backdrop. Drape a jointed banner across the façade with a “happy birthday” message on it. Tip: separate it to create a double line. Use fishing line and command hooks to display it.

Create a desert space under the banner by decorating a table with boxes made to look like Minecraft blocks. Add a Minecraft Creeper Pinata that can serve both as a decoration and an activity. Toss on some favors like these party hats to add some flair.

party hats

Next create a place to eat with a Minecraft tablescape. Drape a tablecloth base, top it with a personalized activity mat, and add  themed plates and cups as well as your own DIY touches. Then cover party goers seats with no-sew DIY Minecraft chair covers of the creeper character using fabric and hot glue. Tip: Click here for DIY instructions on how to craft these Minecrafter creeper chair covers.

wholesale party supplies

chair covers


Brownies with green icing look a lot like grass blocks within the video game. Throw in some Hershey’s nuggets to represent gold and powdered donuts for snowballs. Of course you need a birthday cake so make a square one decorated with smaller red block shapes made from fruit roll-ups. Tip: add some fruit into the mix like watermelon slices to balance out the sweets and give a healthy alternative for guests to snack on.



grass blocks


Minecraft's vibe is all about blocks and pixels. With that in mind put together a melty bead station where guests can build based on pixels. Download printable design sheets, lay out clear boards, plenty of bead colors and let everyone complete their favorite Minecraft character or icon. Tip: have an adult using the iron to avert arguments and injuries.


Break out the piñata that was decorating the desert table after the craft project. Each guest holds a string and they all pull it at the same time. Only one opens the door to release all the treasures inside, but no one will know who actually gave it a go! This avoids anyone getting batted in the head, stomach or other um sensitive places but the kids still have fun opening the piñata.

wholesale party supplies

Finally it is time to send your birthday party guests home. Send them off with some nice party favors. Fill a Minecraft Tote Bag with a few of the suggestions below and tie on it a personalized tag thank you message:

Minecraft stickers – shift them left or right to see a hologram design;

Minecraft tattoos – they will be able to show off being fans of the video game for everyone to see;

Minecraft inspired pencils and pencil toppers – if you got to do homework might as well make it fun!

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