Wednesday, July 31, 2019


One of my kids favorite activities this summer has been going to our local roller rink and skating around as a disc jockey has BABY SHARK blaring throughout the place. They love grooving to the song on their skates waving their hands like a shark fin over their heads.

So I'm sure they would eat up these Shark Party ideas that Wholesale Party Supplies suggested to us.  Looking to host a summer block party, family movie night, birthday party or another type of fun get together? With a combination of DIY craft skills and items from Wholesale Party Supplies you can transform a space into a fantastic party spot. Your chums are sure to appreciate these shark themed decorations and deserts.


Set the scene for your shark themed party with a backdrop and desert table. Paint a pair of foam kickboards to look like a great white shark and pair of surf boards. Add a layer of fishing net to capture some shark cut outs for crafting your under the sea scene. Complete the layout with a desert stand with a red and white striped tablecloth as the base with snacks along with coordinating cups, plates and cutlery to your layout.


Create some OREO shark treats. Break cookies in half and place it on top of a big swirl of blue frosting to create the look of a shark fin breaking through water. Wrap in a blue water pattern wrap to make it look like shark infested waters on your dessert table.

Put out bowls of goldfish crackers and potato chips and you'll have yourself fish and chips to serve! Skewer a variety of gummy candies to make some deserts that are unique looking and taste great. Molded shark cups are a fun way to serve beverages to your guests that adds an aquatic vibe to your party. Plus check out this recipe for BABY SHARK cookies that no one can resist taking a bite out of!

Add some FINtastic favor bucket filled to the brim with goodies themed for your under the sea shindig. Check out these suggestions from Wholesale Party Supplies:

Da Da! Da Da! Da Da Da Da! Have yourself a thriller of a party with these shark themed ideas!

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