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bamboo underwear
A Geek Daddy received the featured product for free to review
It has been hot, humid and in the upper 90s throughout July in Michigan. Often times for me being active outside in that type of weather leads to some uncomfortable chafing on my inner thighs caused by sweaty skin rubbing against my undies while moving around. I've recently discovered a new brand of underwear that helps alleviate this discomfort though … Traü.

Traṻ is an all-natural athletic underwear brand for men that is made right here in the USA (Oakland, California to be exact). It is designed specifically to cater to guys who lead active lifestyles. The fabric in Traü is made from bamboo which naturally inhibits and destroys the growth of microorganisms that cause odors, irritation, and infection on your body. It also has water wicking properties which draws moisture away from your body. These properties of the BAMBOO fabric eliminate rashes, chafing and odor.

bamboo fabric underwear

No dad wants to deal with the problems of painful chafing, stinky odors or itchy rashes when they have to be moving around whether it be for parenting, personal or professional reasons. Problem solved with the pair of Traü I tried out! Whether it is working out at the gym, yard work around the house, or spending an entire day spent with your kids walking around an amusement park, your focus can be on the task at hand rather than being distracted by discomfort.

Not only is this underwear very comfortable to wear but I wore them outside all day on a horrendously hot day loading boxes in and out of a truck as we moved from our old house to a new home. No discomfort at all! Because I'm geeked about Traü from my experiences wearing it, this brand of bamboo fabric underwear has earned nod of approval.

Also I appreciate a brand that stands behind its product. With Traü, if a customer is dissatisfied he can return it for ANY reason to receive a full refund. Traü even sends a paid postage return label to be affixed to the original package the underwear was sent in. Just pack it back up and drop it back in the mail. Traü is confident that once someone wears these garments they aren't going to want to give them back.

made in USA underwear

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I received a free pair of Traü to wear for a dad blog review. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own. I often receive free products to review that I don't like which are not written about on this blog to avoid publishing negative commentary on As I've written this review, I found it worthwhile to share with you.

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