Monday, April 13, 2020


coronavirus family activities
When things began to shutdown at Ford Motor Company due to the pandemic, the automaker gave some of its car designers a special project. Instead of drafting up technical imagery and layouts for new product designs, the staff was directed to craft activity sheets to help amuse kids, and their parents, who were finding themselves now having to stay home for an extended period of time. You can check out what they came up with at the Ford Motor Company website.

There are coloring pages of Mustangs and Ford Trucks along with activity sheets that include follow-the-number pictures, word puzzles and mazes. They've also added THANK YOU messages for the heroes who are braving the coronavirus to provide medical aide and other crucial services during this public health emergency that can be decorated. Send one of these messages to someone you know as a thank you card or post it on social media as a public message of support. I've included a couple of examples below and a whole variety of Ford Motor Company activity sheets can be downloaded for FREE and printed out by visiting here.

ford mustang


You'll see that each of the coloring pages for the vehicles has the name of the staffer and their role at the company displayed on it. Sketches range from realistic images of Ford vehicles to more whimsical illustrations like an illustration of a truck that looks like it could be a character in a Disney-PIXAR Cars movie and a picture of a rhino being hauled in the trailer bed of a F-150. These activity sheets and coloring pages can be a fun way to pass some time. We had a good time with them!


You don't have to be a gearhead or car geek like this dad blogger to appreciate these activity sheets from Ford. Though if you are you'll absolutely appreciate the History of the Mustang illustration included among these activity sheets. In the variety of coloring pages, thank you messages, and games there is something for everyone of any age to enjoy. Take a break and just relax coloring or doing a word puzzle. Head over to the Ford Motor Company website to look over and download some of these free activity sheets while you have some family downtime.

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