Saturday, January 23, 2021


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New episodes of Matt Groening's fairy tale spoof DISENCHANTMENT recently were released on Netflix. I filled up my Great Norse Drinking Horn from Medieval Collectibles with Hofbrau Lager to toast the new cartoon escapades of Season 2 of this animated series as I binge watched it this weekend. Chugging a brew from an authentic drinking horn was a nice way to further immerse myself into the medieval fantasy exploits I was streaming on Netflix. Huzzah!

Crafted from a real bull horn, each of these containers has a unique shape. Great Norse Drinking Horns from Medieval Collectibles are functional beverage holders crafted from bull horns specifically selected to be able to hold a copious amount of liquid. It includes a leather strap to help keep a firm grasp or to can be wrapped through a belt loop for carrying around with you. Feast like a Viking with one of these Great Norse Drinking Horns!

great norse drinking horn

Watching a fantasy movie like Lord of the Rings? Playing a game of Dungeon & Dragons? Visiting a Renaissance Festival? Medieval themed beverage holders are a fun way to get into the spirit of participating in a fantasy adventure. Check out the variety of beer steins, drinking horns, goblets and tankards available at

medieval collectibles

Every night can be an Oktoberfest when you enjoy a beer from one of the traditional German steins available from Medieval Collectibles. Imagine you are a king or queen holding court in your castle sipping wine from a goblet. Maybe you are a knightly warrior indulging in a beer from a tankard. Or a rogue outlaw drinking some mead from a drinking horn. Medieval Collectibles beverage holders are a fun way to add some fantasy to an entertaining family movie or game night at home or attending a special event like a Ren Fest.

There are more than a hundred style of drinking horns, goblets, tankards, and steins available to choose from at From barbarians to wizards it is amazing how something as basic as a cup can help transform you feeling as if you've become immersed into that role. Whether for an elaborate cos-play experience or simply to make snacking more entertaining during a role playing game session with friends the beverage holders available from Medieval Collectibles are a great way to provide a bit of escapism from ordinary life. 

medieval collectibles

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