Saturday, January 23, 2021


netflix disenchantment

I've been a fan of Matt Groening's work since my high school days reading his Life is Hell cartoons books. Since then he's gone on to create The Simpsons and Futurama tv shows which have gone to eclipse his original comic strips in popularity. Now Groening has brought his trademark illustration style and sarcasm to Netflix with the animated series DISENCHANTMENT. This Dungeon & Dragon themed spoof for adult audiences is full of modern day satire set in a fairytale setting following the misadventures of the tomboy Princess Bean, her personal demon Luci and a lil sidekick named Elfo.

Season One told Part 1 (2018) & Part 2 (2019) of the DISENCHANTMENT tale in two equally divided 10 episode story arcs. These farcical adventures through a fantasy realm show the evolution of a care free princess rebelling against her nobility to someone confronting life versus death decisions that are part of an evolving conflict of good versus evil. This story's princess continues to grow into her power and own her destiny in Part 3 (2021) which just debuted this January on Netflix which contains the first 10 episodes of Season Two of DISENCHANTMENT.

Thanks to Netflix for sending this dad blogger a box of goodies to make my binge watching the new Season 2 episodes of  Matt Groening's DISENCHANTMENT extra fun:

I'm geeked to view Part 3 of the DISENCHANTMENT escapades! I have a drinking horn full of Hofbrau and my own personal demon on my shoulder so lets get to streaming these new episodes on Netflix. Huzzah!!!

matt groenig

For more information about the show go to Plus click THIS LINK to take your own elfie pic on a mobile device. Also check out their social media channels on Twitter and Instagram. Don't miss out on following @Geekdad248 on Twitter and Instagram too! 

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