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Did you know Legendary Entertainment, the production company behind such blockbuster films as The Dark Knight trilogy, Jurassic World, Pacific Rim and Godzilla vs Kong, also has a comic book division? LEGENDARY COMICS has published comic books and graphic novels tied to movies the company has released as well as stand alone titles such as THE TOWER CHRONICLES and KRAMPUS. The newest release from LEGENDARY COMICS is a graphic novel titled ACURSIAN which brings a popular digital comic strip from WEBTOON to print.

While digital comics can be convenient to purchase and read there is just something about holding a printed edition in your hands and flipping through its pages that I really appreciate. So it was nice to pick up Legendary Comics graphic novel adaption of the WEBTOON supernatural adventure Acursian. This graphic novel stands out not just because of its origin as a web comic but also in that one of its co-authors had his image illustrated as the story's main character. That is why the title is promoted as starring John Barrowman

John barrowman

Sci-fi and superhero tv show fans may be familiar with Scottish-American actor John Barrowman from his roles as Captain Jack Harness in BBC's Doctor Who and Malcolm Merlyn in The CW Network's Arrowverse. He has teamed up with his English professor sister Carole to write a suspenseful Celtic themed thriller with drawings by artists Beni Lobel and Rubine portraying John in their artwork as the lead character Charlie Stewart. Celtic myth and Scottish magic intertwine with the modern world as Charlie Stewart unexpectedly learns that curses can be very real.

legendary comics

Charlie Stewart is leading a wonderful life with an amazing wife and successful career as a high powered attorney. It is his 40th birthday though and suddenly his life begins to unravel.  He accidently splits his pants on his way to work, gets into a car crash that totals his vehicle, his wife starts acting crazy during a telephone call and he finds himself arrested for embezzlement upon arriving at his law office...and the day just gets worse from there!

This path of events sets him on a time-traveling journey set between 1745 and present day as he discovers his bloodline is cursed by the Celtic Gods based upon Charlie’s ancestor, Prince Charles Edward Stewart, breaking deal made with Bregon, the god of war. The Bonnie Prince had stolen three talismans from Bregon's sisters, the goddesses of fate and time, which he promised to return in exchange for the god of war's support Scotland's battle against England. The prince reneges on his pledge and until the talismans are returned, the three sisters can no longer control fate and time, but they can put a curse on Charles Edward Stewart and his descendants. The Stewart bloodline is now cursed to lose everything at the age of the Bonnie Prince's betrayal ... their 40th birthdays.


john barrowman

Now Charlie must find a way to reverse his misfortune and save his young son from a similar future. Can he find the missing talismans and if so who does he return them to? Bregon or his sisters? Will this break the curse? Or worse will restoring the power of fate and time to the gods alter life and destroy the world as we now know it? You'll have to read the graphic novel Acursian to find out!

If you appreciate stories in the vein of Highlander that merge history, mythology and fantasy plots together within a modern world setting, Acursian should pique your interest. You can order this graphic novel from your local comic shop or purchase it through For more information about Legendary Comics check out their social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram. While there also make sure to follow this Detroit based blogger via @Geekdad248 on Instagram and Twitter

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