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doom patrol on bluray

After spending Friday evenings the last two months watching new adventures of WandaVision stream on Disney+ each night now that mini-series has concluded it is time to tune into a new superhero adventure drama. We've decided to start watching DOOM PATROL together as a family since the first two seasons of this DC Comics inspired tv series recently became available to view on Blu-ray. We hadn't been able to see the show previously because it has been exclusively showing on the DC UNIVERSE and HBO MAX subscription streaming digital content platforms which I haven't bought memberships for. So our family tv viewing tonight is going to be the first few episodes of DOOM PATROL.

Based upon characters and situations from DC Comics, DOOM PATROL is about an idealistic mad scientist who creates a team of misfit heroes who have unique abilities that resulted from tragic circumstances. These superpowered outcasts join together in a series of misadventures. Yet when it comes down to it just may fall on the shoulders of the Doom Patrol to save the world from a supernatural threat that could snuff out life as we know it.

Here are the members of Doom Patrol:

doom patrol

Niles Caulder aka "The Chief" -- a medical doctor who helped save the lives of the Doom Patrol members yet who also orchestrated the events that caused each of them to develop their powers. This is all part of a hidden agenda to protect his daughter Dorothy from a mysterious danger.

doom patrol

Larry Trainor aka "Negative Man" -- a critical thinker with a romantic soul, Air Force test pilot Larry Trainor crashed his plane, exposing him to a mysterious “negative” energy. Now a being of pure energy, Negative Man must remain wrapped in bandages to protect those around him. He’s struggles with strange new powers that isolate him from the rest of humanity.

doom patrol

Cliff Steele aka "Robotman" -- a former race car driver, Cliff Steele was in a horrific accident that left his body uninhabitable. Cliff’s brain was saved by the mysterious "Chief" and he lives on in a powerful robotic body.

doom patrol

Rita Farr aka "Elasti-Woman" -- an actress on the rise, Rita Farr was exposed to a toxic gas that altered her cellular structure. Longing for the days of old, Rita finds a place for herself among The Doom Patrol.

doom patrol

Kay Challis aka "Crazy Jane" -- an unlikely hero suffering from the world’s most severe case of multiple personality disorder. Each of her 64 distinct personas manifest a different superpower making Jane the Doom Patrol’s most powerful member...and also its most unstable.

doom patrol

Victor Stone aka "Cyborg" -- Vic Stone is the charming and sarcastic half-human, half-machine superhero known as Cyborg. Vic may be connected to every computer on the world, but he struggles to maintain the connections that make him human. 

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