Sunday, August 8, 2021


Love’s a funny thing, isn't it? You meet someone and you fall in love. You propose marriage and they accept. You plan a family and you make a few kids. A decade and a mortgage later, and the sound of the other person breathing has you irritated. You both expect the other person to be the same as they were a decade ago when you first met, but life doesn't work that way. Not only do you both look different in some way, you both are different people now.

For some couples, they’re the lucky ones. They don't grow apart as they get older; they grow together and they are just as in love and as silly with each other as they were when they first met. For other couples, they veer away from each other and become two independent people stuck in a situation from which they cannot get out of easily. 

Marriage and a home are intertwined, and the kids are settled and happy. No one wants to rip a canyon through it and with the help of a good Los Angeles Divorce Attorneys that can often be avoided. The problem is that you deserve to find happiness - both of you do - and if it’s not working out the best thing that you can do all round is to get out of the marriage and go and find it. 

The attorneys from Spodek Law Group have provided a detailed infographic about divorce and the most common reasons marriages come apart. If you find that the good has gone, divorce may be your last option. If you find yourself in these circumstances take a look at the information below:

Infographic Design By Spodek Los Angeles Divorce Attorneys

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