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Searchlight Pictures provided ageekdaddy.com with the movie ANTLERS for free to review

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Bring some horror to your holidays with ANTLERS. No this isn't a horror movie about a rampaging reindeer but rather the creepy tale of a Wendigo. Acclaimed director Scott Cooper and monster maestro Guillermo del Toro bring to life a multi-dimensional terror experience with ANTLERS from Searchlight Pictures. This horror-thriller is available now on Digital and will be out on Blu-ray and DVD at retailers beginning January 4, 2022.  

The myth of the dreaded “wendigo” comes to shocking life in this terrifying horror thriller. When a small-town Oregon teacher (Keri Russell) and her brother (Jesse Plemons), the local sheriff, seek to help a troubled young boy who possesses a strange secret, the consequences are more dreadful than they could have possibly imagined. ANTLERS is rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America for violence including gruesome language and language.

The great thing about home entertainment video releases is you can count on them including bonus content along with the featured presentation. You will want to check these out after watching the movie:

  • The Evil Within – Co-writer/director Scott Cooper gives us a glimpse of the many complex layers at play in his approach to making Antlers, a horror film about very human concerns, and his most ambitious film to date. 
  • An Exploration of Modern Horror with Guillermo del Toro – Producer Guillermo del Toro traces the lineage of elevated horror in cinema. Employing his encyclopedic knowledge and passion for the horror genre, he discusses the connection between mythology and human behavior. 
  • Artifacts and Totems – The filmmakers discuss how they created this world of a small, tight-knit Northwest community of working-class Americans in bringing Scott Cooper’s vision to life.
  •  Gods Walk Among Us – An in-depth exploration of the digital and practical effects used to create the film’s primal creatures. 
  • Cry of the Wendigo – Discover the fascinating folklore behind the wendigo from the film’s First Nations consultants. Learn about the creature’s mythic origins and about its connection to man’s betrayal of the land. 
  • Metamorphosis – At the center of Antlers is a transformative performance by Scott Haze. Hear about the actor’s preparation for filming, including how he lost some 70 pounds in order to play a deeply tragic character. 
  • Comic-Con @ Home with Scott Cooper and Guillermo del Toro – Steve Weintraub moderates this candid Comic-Con@Home 2020 Panel interview with Guillermo del Toro and Scott Cooper. Hear the filmmakers describe their process and learn who some of their filmmaking heroes are.
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ANTLERS will give viewers the feeling of going on a night-time romp through a dark woods which is both dangerous and eerily exciting. Taking a lesser-known Native American mythology to create a modern-day nightmare, ANTLERS has you following a path of entrails to its conclusion. If you are squeamish this may not be the movie for you; but if you are geeked about jump out of your shoes scares ANTLERS is a movie to be geeked about. 

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