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bram stroker festival

When most people think of DRACULA, the first thing that comes to mind is Gothic castles and Gypsy villages in the remote Transylvanian wilderness of eastern European Romania. So why is the capital city of the Emerald Isle hosting a festival celebrating 125 years of Dracula? Because the vampire's creator, Bram Stoker, is an Irish author from Dublin. Each October, the city hosts a Bram Stroker Festival with this year's event (October 28 - 31) having a focus on celebrating the 125th anniversary of the 1897 publication of Dracula which was the author's seventh novel.

While known now for his literary works, during his lifetime Bram Stoker was more recognized as a journalist and theatre critic who eventually became the personal assistant for a famed actor of the times, Sir Henry Irving, and the business manager for the Lyceum in London's West End theatre district. In fact, it is considered that Stoker's relationship with Irving and experiences at the Lyceum Theatre were more of an inspiration for Dracula than any research into Romanian lore and geography. The description of Dracula's Castle in the book is actually based upon New Slains Castle located near Cruden Bay, Scotland where Stoker was known to vacation and spend time working on his novels rather than any Transylvanian fortress.

bram stoker festival

There will be multiple opportunities to dress up in ghoulish garb during this year's Bram Stroker Festival to watch film screenings, discuss the novel or simply stroll through the city on a walking tour of Dublin’s dark side that fired Stoker’s imagination. Walking tour sites include the architecturally imposing Trinity College Dublin, which Stoker attended, Marsh’s Library, the oldest public library in Ireland, Dublin Castle with its spectacular gothic Chapel Royal, and St Michan’s Church, which houses mummified remains in its vaults. Past Bram Stoker Festival events over the years have featured major outdoor spectacles; intimate experiences on hallowed grounds; award-winning theatre productions; an outdoor circus at night; and elaborate banquets in sacred crypts. Would you want to visit Ireland to attend the Bram Stroker Festival?

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This year's Bram Stoker Festival in Dublin, Ireland includes BOREALIS an electronic recreation of the aurora borealis natural phenomena being displayed over Dublin Castle's Upper Courtyard and Stokerland, a Victorian themed fun park. Visit bramstokerfestival.com for a full list of activities.

In the run up to this year's festival, to get into the undead spirit of Dracula, you can watch and listen to Bram Stoker Festival at Home Treats, a curated collection of podcasts, videos and audio content about Stoker, vampires and their influence on modern culture.

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Would you consider attending the Bram Stoker Festival a spooktacular way to enjoy Halloween? I'd be geeked to go! 

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